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Re: Does mfi write-back cache work for anyone?

Edgar Fuß <ef%math.uni-bonn.de@localhost> writes:

> I also noticed that the Capacity is significantly different:
>> Remaining Capacity: 323 mAh
>> Full Charge Capacity: 323 mAh
>> isSOHGood: No
> versus
>> Remaining Capacity: 1462 mAh
>> Full Charge Capacity: 1497 mAh
>> isSOHGood: Yes
> I don't know wtheter these are comparable units,

They are the same units, and the most normal way to express battery

> but is it possible
> that the firmware rejects batteries below a certain minimum Full
> Charge Capacity value?

That would make sense.  If the design capacity is ~1600 mAh (just making
that up), then the 2nd status  below looks fine, and the first one looks
like batteries that are on the way to failing.  Of course, the battery
could be ok and the measurement off, or the data munged, or something

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