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Re: Boot failure while installing on ASUS UEFI

Does NetBSD find any PCI devices on your machine?
If not then there is no vga0. No vga0 means no console.

You can try serial console if present. NetBSD should boot then.


On 07.01.13 12:48, Antoine LECA wrote:

Hi guys,

I am not sure this is the most perfect place to post, please redirect me
if needed.

I tried to boot NetBSD 6.0 amd64 CD on ASUS P8H61-M LX3 board, which
features H61 chipset, HD3000 integrated graphics, and a UEFI firmware;
the boot started, but stopped on init panic just after the USB
enumeration; the 2nd to last message was
        warning: no /dev/console
which I believe is the direct cause.

I am not very used to *BSD, and I was not able to dump dmesg into some
usable device; but I successfully booted FreeBSD 9.1, and I noticed that
FreeBSD detects the graphics adapter when enumerating the PCI buses;
while no similar message showed detection of a class-2 (video) device on

What are my options at this point?


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