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Re: i5 and invalid instructions

Jaap Boender wrote:
>Just got my new work laptop, a Dell with an Intel i5-3320m processor. The 
>first thing I did after installing NetBSD was compile a new kernel and 
>distribution, with the cpuflags package installed.
>cpuflags activates -march=native, which in my case enables everything up to 
>SSE4, AVX and all those other newfangled optimisations new processors have. 
>However, after installing the distribution, every command I try to run core-
>dumps with "Illegal instruction"...

I think the "-march=native" from cpuflags is caused by gcc being newer
than the version tested for in cpuflags.sh.

I have stopped using cpuflags on amd64, I would expect that the native
amd64 compiler would use SSE for FP by default but have not checked.

Robert Swindells

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