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Re: 64-bit-ness?

>>> I think you can look in features3 for "EM64T" on an Intel CPU, or
>>> "LONG" on an AMD.
>> That's about what I would have expected...except that that one
>> machine I mentioned that's known to run NetBSD/amd64 shows neither:
> Interesting/strange :(  Intel's specification page for that processor
> [] does say "Intel 64: Yes".

Which matches my experience that it does indeed run NetBSD/amd64.

> I don't know why that's not reflected in the cpuctl identify output;
> it seems like it should be...

That wasn't cpuctl identify output; that machine is at 4.0.1, which
doesn't have cpuctl and which prints that stuff at boot time.  I just
looked at the code, in case maybe the bit is set and it just isn't
getting printed, and it looks to me as though it should be printed if
it's set (i386/i386/identcpu.c does have a clause that uses
CPUID_FLAGS4 if any of the feature3 bits are set).

> While it seems like there should be a way to tell from the cpuctl
> output, I guess you could look up the specs for the other processor
> and see whether it supports Intel 64/AMD64.

I could, perhaps.  For most of my machines, though, it's easier and
quicker to just try booting the amd64 installer.  I was hoping to avoid
bringing certain of my machines down on speculation; I suppose I'll
leave them to last....

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