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Re: 64-bit-ness?

On Apr 9, 2012, at 12:27 PM, Mouse wrote:
>> I think you can look in features3 for "EM64T" on an Intel CPU, or
>> "LONG" on an AMD.
> That's about what I would have expected...except that that one machine
> I mentioned that's known to run NetBSD/amd64 shows neither:

Interesting/strange :( Intel's specification page for that processor,
does say "Intel 64: Yes". I don't know why that's not reflected in the 
cpuctl identify output; it seems like it should be...

While it seems like there should be a way to tell from the cpuctl 
output, I guess you could look up the specs for the other processor and
see whether it supports Intel 64/AMD64.
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