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Re: Xen 4 DOM0 with -current i386/amd64 rejects kernel?

On Jul 3, 11:23am, Jeff Rizzo wrote:
} On 2/10/12 12:43 PM, John D. Baker wrote:
} >
} > Booting a regular kernel loads all modules from the appropriate path.
} > My machine's "/var" is on a different partition from the boot device
} > so I relocate the entropy file to "/stand/db" in "/boot.cfg" and in
} > "/etc/rc.conf".
} I'm not 100% sure this will work;  netbsd xen kernels can't currently 
} load modules, and I'm not sure whether that will apply to rndseed as well.

     The issue is that Xen modifies a variety of kernel APIs and data
structures, so the modules would need to be compile with #define XEN
(or whatever the appropriate define is).  Also, Xen uses multiboot and
I don't think anybody has done the appropriate work to have the
multiboot code load modules.

     rndseed simply loads a data file into memory and passes a pointer,
so it might work.  Then again, thinking about it, I think I uses a
similar loading method to how modules are loaded, so it might get hit
by the multiboot problem.

}-- End of excerpt from Jeff Rizzo

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