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Re: Is anyone running NetBSD on a macbook pro?

On 06/22/10 12:23, David Brownlee wrote:
I'm getting tired of fighting a windowing system which Knows What Is Right
in all circumstances, and actually crashes more often than my old Thinkpad
under NetBSD.
I'm already dual booting it into Windows for the occasional time I really
need a native Windows box (Parallels suffices for most other windows usage),
but wondered if anyone has setup a mac to be able to boot into OS X, Windows
or NetBSD?

Wow, I just came across this old, unreplied thread and thought I could comment on it. (GMane makes it very easy to scroll through past conversations!)

Yes, I have set up OS X + NetBSD dual-booting in the past on a MacBook Pro. It works in the same way as OS X + Windows dual-booting does. (This was a test on a MacBookPro2,2; it didn't last long though... and these days I have NetBSD on itself in this machine.)

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