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rlphy_service: attempt to isolate phy

Hi all,

I'm trying to install via sysinst 5.0.2  (as well as 5.1_RC3 -- same result),  
I get:

rlphy_service: attempt to isolate phy
fatal breakpoint trap in supervisor mode
trap type 1 code 0 rip ffffffff804f1e35 cs 8 rflags 246 cr2 7f7ffde23020 cpl 6 
rsp ffff80004d33f7c0
Stopped in pid 2764.1 (ifconfig) at      0xffffffff804f1e35:     leave

This is an emachines ET1331G-05w


I removed the windows disk, and installed a kingston 64 MB SSD and a Hitachi 2 
TB, both SATA.  I'm putting / on the SSD and not even configuring the 2 TB at 
the moment.

Machine has 4 GB.


p.s. One big diff between 5.0.2 and 5.1_RC3 is that 5.0.2 sysinst chokes on the 
multi-reader (for CF, SD, etc), whereas 5.1_RC3 sysinst breezes right through that.  
5.0.2 complains that the device is not mounted/ready.  That's right, because there are no 
devices plugged into those slots; but it takes maybe a minute for each of the half-dozen 
card types before it times out and moves on.  As I say, "fixed" in 5.1_RC3

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