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Re: Questions bfore installing amd64

Gobbledegeek wrote:
> Any comments on the ATI fglrx drivers?

Fat chance. That's closed-source Lunox stuff. You might have some
success with radeonhd(4) or radeon(4) (in pkgsrc,
x11/xf86-video-radeonhd and x11/xf86-video-ati respectively). DRI
supposedly works on r5xx boards (which includes the rs6xx), but on amd64
that requires an X.org 1.5+ xserver, and git HEAD dri and Mesa, afaik. I
haven't tried yet. Xvideo support also requires DRM/DRI on r5xx boards
since they don't support 2D texturing anymore like the r4xx and older
series, apparently.

As for running 32-bit Linux binaries, at least Sun J2SE 6.0 works here,
as does a wrapped libflashplayer.so, although the latter not all the time.

        Thomas E. Spanjaard

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