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Re: openldap and bdb

(re-adding the list)

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 12:13:15PM +0200, neys wrote:
> > Have you tried increasing the stacksize ulimit as suggested by
> > MESSAGE.NetBSD?  Type "ulimit -s", double the value you get, eg.
> > "ulimit -s 4096", and then restart slapd.
> i thought i had already done this, but i checked it out again and it was
> not... i manually set it and look, i can search with filters. thank you
> very mutch for that hint. where exactly is this mentioned? i could not
> find MESSAGE.NetBSD in pkgsrc/databases/openldap-server.

Thanks for reminding me that I never cvs add'ed this MESSAGE.NetBSD file
(it's been in my local tree for months).  It's there now. :-)  You should
see the message on pkg installation (either "make install" or pkg_add), or
afterwards with pkg_info -D.

> but, what is the best way to set the stacksize? i tried /etc/login.conf,
> but ist does not like "stacksize-cur" (setting resource limit stacksize:
> Invalid argument). no luck with sysctl. for now i created
> /etc/rc.conf.d/slapd:
> >
> start_precmd="set_limits"
> set_limits()
> {
> ulimit -s 4096
> }
> <

That is exactly what MESSAGE.NetBSD recommends. :-)


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