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Re: Booting a NetBSD-amd64 kernel with "grub"

On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 11:17:01PM +0200, Christoph Egger wrote:
> >What part of multiboot would it have to support? Just passing the
> >arguments to the kernel? Or does the Xen kernel also use grub to
> >load the dom0 kernel?
> Yes. You specify the dom0 via grubs "module" directive.

I know that part.

> From there, Xen knows the dom0 binary and boots it.

But how? My guess is that the Xen kernel uses grub to load the dom0 kernel
via some kind of call. Can somebody confirm that?

If that is the case then NetBSD boot loader would have to support the
calls that Xen makes to load the dom0 kernel via grub.

        Kind regards

Matthias Scheler                                  http://zhadum.org.uk/

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