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Re: Is amd64 ready for the desktop?

Aleksey Cheusov <cheusov%tut.by@localhost> writes:
> Other ulimits are trivial and IMHO have quite rather usable defaults.
> I increased 'nofiles' and 'data' but this is because of my specific
> requirements.

I've noticed that a large fraction of NetBSD users end up having to
jack up the number of available files (especially so that their X
servers don't run out of connections), have to jack up their data size
(because some apps like web browsers can eat memory if you have lots
of open tabs), etc.

For the experienced user, this isn't *that* big a deal.  Ideally,
though, you don't want users to have to think about that sort of
thing. You just want everything to work. Even for experienced users,
figuring out why you can't open any more windows can be an annoying
experience, and doubly so when your machine has more than enough juice
for defaults substantially higher than was reasonable in, say, 1993.

Perry E. Metzger                perry%piermont.com@localhost

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