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Re: NetBSD/amd64 in QEMU/KVM

At Tue, 18 Mar 2008 22:31:44 +0100,
Joerg Roedel wrote:
> recently I tried to install NetBSD/amd64 in a QEMU/KVM virtual machine.
> This failed with an early kernel panic because the install kernel was
> not able to find the emulated graphics adapter. I also tried NetBSD/i386
> and it worked fine in this environment. It turned out that adding the
> line
> vga0            at isa?
> to the kernel configuration of the install and generic kernel fixed that
> problem. The resulting install-iso booted fine to the installer. Maybe
> this option should be enabled per default in the amd64 configuration.

Alternatively, you can pass -no-acpi option to qemu, which worked for
me.  I haven't had time to investigate the problem (maybe ACPI
related?), though.

IWAMOTO Toshihiro

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