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RE: NetBSD fails to install on AlphaServer DS25

Hello everyone and thank you for your replies!

About SRM : A "show version" output indicates that I use "V7.3-2 Feb 27 2007 
13:10:18" firmware. Sorry, but I don`t know how to check SRM level...

About CPU: According to Wikipedia, DS 25 have EV68CB's. Unfortunately I don`t 
know how to check it on my system.

About OS`s. I installed and played with:
OpenVMS 8.4 - got hobbist license. This OS is a way too strange for me
OpenBSD 5.2 - installs and runs fine, but without SMP support :(
Tru64 UNIX 5.1B-4 - currently installed on my system, but without any licenses 
(only build-in ones).
Will try to install gentoo/alpha this week. And, of course, still hoping to 
install NetBSD.

Best regards,

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