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Re: LWP private support / TLS support

Would you like console (and RCM/SRM) access to a DS10L for

I probably have some other Alpha platforms around here (much
older) that could be made available as well.

Joerg Sonnenberger writes:
- I've just committed the first major step to TLS support on NetBSD.
- The Alpha part is not complete at the moment, since it requires some
- changes to the context switching code I can't test. What is needed
- should be approximately:
- (1) Call PAL_wdunique in cpu_switchto to ensure that the value is
- updated.
- (2) Remove the #if 0 around __HAVE___LWP_GETPRIVATE_FAST in types.h.
- After a rebuild of libpthread, the ATF test cases for libpthread should
- still work.

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