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Re: writing cdhdtape to CD

On Tue, 2 Jun 2009, Ray Phillips wrote:

I was just wanting to burn cdhdtape to a CD and boot from it because I hadn't tried it before and because this document says it's possible:


I think the cdhdtape image was used before the iso images were generally available, and I suspect that they haven't been tested in quite a while and the install documentation likely needs some updating depending upon whether the cdhdtape image is no longer valid or if it just needs some fixing.

By the way, can you say which block size value should be used when copying cdhdtape to a hard disk with dd? This file:


says to use bs=16k, whereas this one:


says 18k.  Both values seem to work.

The 18k size would make sense for copying to a floppy, but it shouldn't make any difference as long as it's a multiple of 512. I usually pick 64k since that's the maximum size the NetBSD drivers can handle and it's usually the fastest for disks.

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