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3.x end of life

Having recently received a notice via netbsd-announce declaring 3.x is now end of life, I guess the time has come to upgrade my DEC 1000A netbsd-3 install to something that is still supported. My preference is to upgrade to 5.x, but I have some questions:

1) I vaguely remember some mention that the move to GCC 4.x in NetBSD 4 onwards yielded some problems building a complete distribution on alpha due to GCC 4.x being more "memory hungry" than 3.x. I have only 128 MB of RAM in my DEC 1000A and 256 MB of swap space. Will this be sufficient to build a NetBSD 4.x or 5.x world natively? How much swap space need I add to build netbsd-5 successfully?

2) The NetBSD install on this machine dates back quite some way (to some 1.x version; I forget exactly which). Anyway, it originated in an era where disks were a lot smaller than they are today. Accordingly, my partitions are smaller than would be common on contemporary sized drives. I'm worried that if the standard NetBSD 4.x or 5.x install is larger than 3.x that my root partition may not be large enough. Does anyone know how much 4.x or 5.x differs in size relative to netbsd-3? Here is what I have currently (which is ample space for 3.x):

Filesystem    Size      Used     Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/raid0a   126M      44M       75M    37%    /
/dev/raid2a   126M      55M       65M    45%    /var
/dev/raid2d   1.5G     957M      514M    65%    /usr
/dev/raid3a   3.9G     1.5G      2.2G    40%    /home
/dev/sd1a     1.9G     256M      1.6G    13%    /usr/pkgsrc
/dev/sd1d     1.9G     1.0G      815M    56%    /usr/src
/dev/sd3d     2.2G     790M      1.3G    36%    /usr/obj

(I also have a 4.3G drive I can use as a temporary build area.)

As you can see, the system is set up with much of it configured as either RAID-1 or RAID-5 under RAIDframe. I'd hate to have to re- partition with larger partitions because I'd likely lose that ability given the physical drives in there. BTW, the system's only production role is as a slave nameserver and so doesn't need much in the way of future expansion: just enough to contain the base OS, really.

3) Is it possible to upgrade successfully directly from netbsd-3 to netbsd-5? Or, do you have to upgrade to some version of 4.x as an interim step? Does anyone have any recommended path they have tried that has been successful? (Right now, it is running netbsd-3.) I have limited physical access to this system, so I hope not to have to spend much, if any, time in single user mode if I can help it.

Any advice, gotchas, or hints from personal upgrade experiences are gratefully appreciated.



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