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Re: Warning: received processor correctable error.

Erik Fair(fair%netbsd.org@localhost) said 2009.04.27 01:20:57 +0000:
> I have a DigitalServer 3305 (a whitebox AlphaServer 5/800) which has  
> just begun spewing this message on its console with alarming  
> frequency. Alas, the message is not very specific, so what I need to  
> know is:

I've got an Alpha machine that spits out the same error upon boot at such a
rate that it doesn't get to do anything whatsoever.

> 1. dying RAM DIMM? (if so, which one?)
> 2. dying CPU/cache/other irreplaceable part?
> Given its age, it could be either, and I will move to replace it in  
> service ASAP, but I'd like to know if the hardware is salvageable, or  
> toast.

With my machine, I was led to believe it was the motherboard, and it's been
sitting somewhere for a few years now gathering dust as the hardware is very
hard to come by (or at the very least, I haven't been looking very hard).
I wouldn't hold out much hope of salvaging it.

>       thanks,
>       Erik <fair%netbsd.org@localhost>


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