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Re: ifconfig delay on up

>> Sometimes, disabling it _is_ the right answer
> when?

When its costs outweigh its benefits, of course.

My house LAN is an example.

- Noise packets (mostly output clutter when I tcpdump).
- Problems like the one that started this thread.
- One more piece of code running.

- If I ever end up with a multi-switch topology, _and_ accidentally
   create a loop, _and_ fail to notice the resulting packet storm
   immediately, it may hide my mistakes from myself.

...actually, I think _zero_ costs would outweigh those benefits.  If I
make a mistake like that, I'd much rather the network broke promptly
and dramatically.  (If I deliberately set up a loopy/redundant
topology, I can turn spanning tree on.  I'm not talking about being
_capable_ of spanning tree; I'm talking about leaving it on in a case
like my house LAN.)

> Switched networks should be running an stp, period.

Anyone who thinks one answer fits all situations needs a reality check.

> IMHO anyone who thinks sometimes it is right to turn spanning tree
> off, needs this advice.

I think you need to look up what the H stands for in "IMHO".

I note switch vendors - who presumably know more about the breadth of
variety of applications their equipment is put to than anyone else -
agree with me on this point, in that they do make it possible to turn
ST off.

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