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Free RAM for AlphaServer DS* in Silicon Valley, USA

I've got a few packets of RAM for AlphaServer DS10/20 to give away.

The stuff is 256MB sticks of 200pin Infineon RAM, Sync, CL2, ECC,
Registered, 100MHz.

I know it works in DS10 and DS20 because that's where it was used.
Disclaimer:  it has all been in static bags for a while, so I'm not
100% it is still good.  It was okay when it was pulled, at least.

It is _not_ compatible with the 168pin PWS systems like the 500au
and similar -- sorry.

I have 4 packets of 4 (i.e. 16 total) and all I ask in return is
reimbursement for shipping.  Hopefully there are still some
AlphaServers out there running NetBSD to use this stuff!


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