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Re: Netbooting a machine w/ a disk

On Sat, 28 Feb 2009, Martin Husemann wrote:

For a start you can boot -a the generic kernel, it then will ask for the
root device and you can tell it your disk (wd0a or sd0a).


     boot_osflags    The flag passed to the secondary bootstrap program, and
                     the NetBSD kernel:

                     a     (automatic) multi-user mode bootstrap.
                     n     the NetBSD kernel will ask for the root file sys-
                           tem's device, the kernel core dump device, and the
                           path to init(8).

  DEC machines and Unix-type operating systems have used -a for multiuser
since the DECstations (pmax) if I remember correctly. The amiga uses this as well, since the person who added in originally had been using an Ultrix system at the time.

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