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NetBSD support Alphaserver 300 / 400

Dear List,

first of all: Hello. I just subscribed to this list - after sucessfully installing NetBSD to a PWS500 with a KZPAC/Mylex Raid Controller. I have some minor experience with the prep port, installed that on a RS/6000 43P some years ago, but that machine has been sold some time ago. I have been working with FreeBSD a lot (used to be port maintainer for lam-mpi (parallel computing) and treepuzzle (biological software)). I came here because NetBSD seems to be the last free OS paying real attention to the Alpha architecture - after FreeBSD skipping it totally and Debian seeming to have trouble to get the next release finished on the Alpha.

So first off, what can I contribute to actually keep the development of NetBSD/Alpha ongoing? Is just running -current enough or are there more things that can be done (I am no developer, though, but quite able to patch, compile, etc ....).

Second question: Will NetBSD run on the Alphaserver 300 or 400? I could not find it on the supported hardware list.

Kind Regards,

Jan Lentfer

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