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Re: Struggling to install

In <URL:news:local.netbsd.acorn32> on Sat 16 Feb, Chris Gilbert wrote:
> Anthony Hilton wrote:
> > I am struggling to install NetBSD 4.0 from a CD onto an ARM610 RiscPC
> > with 1Mb VRAM, 36Mb main RAM and RIS OS 4.39 in ROM.
> > 
> > Following Chris Gilbert's post on 3 Feb I downloaded the BtNetBSD/spk and
> > generic kernel and the other files but do not know what to do with them.
> > 
> > During the install the screen is barely legible so I've had to accept
> > defaults not being able to read the various options. Where the right side
> > of the display wraps to the left of the screen it is fine, and at the
> > left ofthe display it is OK but rappidly deteriorates towards the right
> > and shows a lot of movement and apparent partial over-writing of text. 
> Can you describe the illegability, are you getting some text, but 
> missing the last bits on screen?  (or even a picture from a camera :) in 
> theory an arm610 does write-through, normally the illegability is 
> something that a strongarm does (or it did, I tweaked vidcvideo to 
> improve strongarm output in -current to make it readable)

I only have a webcam and tiny 100K pixel digicam available so the images are
not particularly clear but I've put a few at
http://www.tinshill.f9.co.uk/ant/netbsd/ if you want to have a look.

In the language selection box at the bottom of the screen the bit at teh left
which has wrapped from the right is quite clear.

In the top block of text the CTRL-N but the P of CTRL-P on the same line is
breaking up.

> If you've got an SA I can do you a kernel that should be readable.  I 
> probably should ask for pull-ups to the 4.0 branch for the next release.

I have an SA in my main RiscPC which I could swap over - easier than swapping
the HDD. My main machine has 2Mb VRAM and 96Mb main RAM.

> > As far as I can tell it does somethin with the generic kernel - counting
> > up to 100% and then moves on to acorn32/binaries/sets/base.tgz but hangs
> > after a while, the percentage stalls and the other numbers stop changing.
> > Once it got to 19% and I left it for over 20 minutes with no change to
> > the screen before I re-booted the box.
> Hmm, that implies that it stopped extracting the file.
> > RISC OS is running 800x600x32K from the AKF60 MDF driving an Iiyama Pro
> > 411  and I haven'tmodified the !BtNetBSD.!Run file from that supplied as
> > I don't know what the effects might be.
> It should display fine, it sounds like you're getting some text.

Thanks for your interest. If we don't make much progress with this I'll just
let you have the machine - you'll find it easier to work out what is going on
when you are in front of the machine than via email.



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