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Re: quodlibet looking for wrong python binary

 >> Thank you for the tip.  The following patch fixes that problem.  Now
 >> quodlibet runs but dumps core with a memory fault.  One step forward,
 >> two steps back...

> I forgot to ask: what's the accepted procedure for a pkgsrc-wip user
> (not developer) to submit a patch as I just tried to do?  I didn't see
> any guidance on the pkgsrc-wip homepage.  Is there a pr-like interface I
> should be sending it to?

There are no PR-like interface for wip.

I think rules are the same as for pkgsrc. That is, if you see OWNER
variable set, contact that person and DO NOT commit any changes before
you take accordance from the owner.  Otherwise (MAINTAINER is set) you
can commit changes provided that your changes don't break the package
not only on your platform but on others too.  If unsure, do not commit
anything.  Instead, contact maintainer.  If it is set to pkgsrc-users@
and you don't know how to fix it ask in pkgsrc-wip-discuss@ and/or
pkgsrc-users@ for help.  If maintainer is set to pkgsrc-users@ and you
are willing to maintain the package, feel free to take ownership.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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