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Re: first time I prepare a package


2011/4/6 OBATA Akio <>:
> Why trying to using binary package for SUSE?
> Is it impossible to build from source?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, it was a misunderstanding on my side. Of course it's possible to
build from source

The Suse rpm packaging is not necessary.

I was so convinced it was gonna be too difficult that when I saw the
Suse packaging I imagined that was the solution and unawarely cut out
all other options.

But then I saw the package for aMule (AdunanzA is a patched aMule) and
your reply and I got the light bulb on.

Now, I'm trying with the source tarball and I found all the
dependencies (they were clearly stated in the ReadMe file) and I'm in
the phase of deciding the options for configure.

In case I get stuck somewhere, I'll ask for some more help

Thanks again

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