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Re: Request to import wip/mc to pkgsrc

 >> I'll try to package 4.7.5 and add one additional patch to

> Not being user of any Midnight Commander, I just wondering why not skip
> the 4.7.0 and import 4.7.5 instead?

I started packaging mc-4.7.0.x almost a year ago. At that time 4.7.0.x
was one of the stable version of mc (MC team supports more than one
stable release). IIRC at that time stable versions was 4.7.0.x, 4.7.2.x
and 4.7.3.x. I just selected oldest one considering it the most stable.
For some time I was using wip/mc on Linux and it worked fine, but
permanently segfaulted on NetBSD until I fixed the problem two months
ago or so. Since then I've been using it on NetBSD too.  So, I'm pretty
sure that with a few patches works fine on at least these two
platforms.  Some time ago mc developers announced that is the
last release in 4.7.0 line. This is the whole story.

Whether we need all/more_than_one available stable versions of mc-4.7 in
pkgsrc is up to pkgsrc developers. It will not be a big problem to
package 4.7.5.* too.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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