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Re: [PATCH] mk/ (Re: migrate to git for emacs-current (24.0.50) ?

Makoto Fujiwara <> writes:

>   You mentioned the robustness is the most important. I agree.
> git may include its integrity in their own mechanism, so it
> would be get managed I hope.

git definitely has its own integrity mechanism, based on chain sha1
hashes.  One can check a repo with git fsck.

>   First of all, I said 280MB for emacs-current for daily
> cache, it was WITHOUT --depth 1. With --depth 1, it is about
> 126MB.

OK.  Well, emacs is big, and that's just how it is.  The real question
is that if it takes 126 MB to store a copy of emacs sources, then
pkgsrc's git mode shouldn't somehow take vastly more (which I don't
think it will).

>  The second thing is that I am leaning to go with proposed
> policy, meaning that keep uncompressed tar archive of .git
> directory of daily bases. It is just like  If
> the disk space problem arises, just remove manually old
> generations.  (I have checked emacs-current with
> and it occupies about 30MB per day.)

I can certainly see the merit of that approach.  As for manual removal,
I use lintpkgsrc to remove unreferenced distfiles.  I don't understand
how lintpkgsrc and {cvs,svn,git} interact, but it would be
nice if the result was that non-current snapshots would be removed.

>   We may have GIT_KEEP_GENERATIONS flag which if set, removes
> the daily archive generations exceeding that number.

We could, but so far pkgsrc doesn't have a general mechanism for this.
Old distfiles are not deleted.  I think it would be nice if we could
treat a saved git repository as a distfile.

>   I also notice that even this flags is set, archive may get
> fat by accumulating history on local copy of .git. I don't
> exactly not tell the impact of this for the time being.

I don't understand what you are trying to say.  I think if one continues
to do a 'git fetch' into a repo over time, then the storage requirements
will grow.  But I think it will grow relatively slowly.

The big choice is between

   tar up into pseudo distfile
   untar previous version

and something which is much more git-aware and integrated.  I certainly
won't say that doing the straightforward thing is wrong - even though I
think a more git-centric approach would be nice.

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