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Re: [PATCH] mk/ (Re: migrate to git for emacs-current (24.0.50) ?

    Although the proposed policy for keeping uncompressed tar
  archive of hoge/.git directory as daily bases, looks fancy at
  the first glance, it soon be known as waste of disk space.  If
  you run packaging emacs-current for daily bases, it would
  occupy 280MB per day, even if internally the slight change are
  there (or even no change at all).

   I would like to convert the policy to keep (cloned) git
  repository as it is (if possible).

I am not completely clear on the issues, but I'd say:

  #1 goal is that use of git-package is correct/robust

  #2 and #3 goals are (different ordering for different people)

    reduce network usage/upstream server load

    reduce local storage

What's checked in now does a clone with --depth 1.  Your notion of
keeping cloned .git makes sense.  I think the key point compared to
keeping a tarred up .git is that one would extract the old one even if
older, run the clone, and then tar up and remove the old one.
Essentially there would be only one copy of the repository, and it would
gradually accumulate contents.

Or do you mean that you'd have /usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/emacs.git as a bare
clone (initially of limited depth), and just leave it, and then do a
checkout into WRDIR from the repo in distfiles? 

And then perhaps have some git gc command to remove objects that are not
reachable at depth 1 from the current tag, or probably that's just not
worth worrying about.  The point of --depth=1 is probably to not get the
last 5 years of history, and the last month or two doesn't hurt much.

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