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Re: wip/TODO maintainence

 >> Below is the script that simplifies maintainence of wip/TODO file.
 >> It requires wip/runawk and wip/awk-pkgsrc-dewey and
 >> works like the following:

> So far, I've used pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgsrc-todo for pkgsrc/doc/TODO.

I supposed developers have tool for this kind of work but I didn't find it
when I looked at pkgtools/ last time. pkgsrc-todo appeared <2 months
ago therefore I overlooked it.
Hopefully writing my tiny tool didn't require
too much time (about 2 hours).

Nevetheless my sh+awk equvalent is about 40% smaller and doesn't need
perl :-)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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