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CVS commit: wip/sphinxsearch

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   fhajny
Date:           Thu Dec  5 12:49:52 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/sphinxsearch: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update sphinxsearch to 2.1.3

Version 2.1.3

- Bug fixes

Version 2.1.2

- Added FLUSH RAMCHUNK statement
- Added SHOW PLAN statement
- Added support for GROUP BY on multiple attributes
- Added BM25F() function to SELECT expressions (now works with the expression
  based ranker)
- Added indextool --fold command and -q switch
- Added JSON debug check for RT index RAM chunk
- Added LENGTH() function for MVA
- Added missing rt_attr_bool directive
- Added support for selecting over 250 columns via SphinxQL
- Deprecated custom sort mode, and str2ordinal and str2wordcount attribute
- Optimized SELECT, UPDATE for indexes with many attributes (up to 3.5x
  speedup in extreme cases)
- JSON attributes (up to 5-20% faster SELECTs using JSON objects)
- Optimized xmlpipe2 indexing (up to 9 times faster on some schemas)
- Bug fixes

Version 2.1.1-beta

- Added query profiling (SET PROFILING=1 and SHOW PROFILE statements)
- Added AOT-based Russian lemmatizer (morphology={lemmatize_ru |
  lemmatize_ru_all}, lemmatizer_base, and lemmatizer_cache directives)
- Added wordbreaker, a tool to split compounds into individual words
- Added JSON attributes support (sql_attr_json, on_json_attr_error,
  json_autoconv_numbers, json_autoconv_keynames directives)
- Added initial subselects support, SELECT * FROM (SELECT ... ORDER BY cond1
- Added bigram indexing, and phrase searching with bigrams (bigram_index,
  bigram_freq_words directives)
- Added HA/LB support, ha_strategy and agent_persistent directives, SHOW AGENT
  STATUS statement
- Added RT index optimization (OPTIMIZE INDEX statement, rt_merge_iops and
  rt_merge_maxiosize directives)
- Added wildcards support to dict=keywords (eg. "t?st*")
- Added substring search support (min_infix_len=2 and above) to dict=keywords
- Added --checkconfig switch to indextool to check config file
  for correctness (bug #1395)
- Added global IDF support (global_idf directive, OPTION global_idf)
- Added "term1 term2 term3"/0.5 quorum fraction syntax (bug #1372)
- Added an option to apply stopwords before morphology, stopwords_unstemmed
- Added an alternative method to compute keyword IDFs, OPTION idf=plain
- Added boolean query optimizations, OPTION boolean_simplify=1 (bug #1294)
- Added stringptr return type support to UDFs, and CREATE FUNCTION ...
- Added early query termination by predicted execution time (OPTION
  max_predicted_time, and predicted_time_costs directive)
- Added index_field_lengths directive, BM25A() and BM25F() functions
  to expression ranker
- Added ranker=export, and PACKEDFACTORS() function
- Added OPTION agent_query_timeout
- Added support for attribute files over 4 GB (bug #1274)
- Added addr2line output to crash reports (bug #1265)
- Added OPTION ignore_nonexistent_columns to UPDATE, and a respective
  UpdateAttributes() argument
- Added --keep-attrs switch to indexer
- Added --with-static-mysql, --with-static-pgsql switches to configure
- Added double-buffering for RT INSERTs (bug #1200)
- Added --morph, --dumpdict switch to indextool
- Added support for multiple wordforms files, comment syntax, and
  pre/post-morphology wordforms
- Added ZONESPANLIST() builtin function
- Added regexp_filter directive, regexp document/query filtering support
  (uses RE2)
- Added min_idf, max_idf, sum_idf ranking factors
- Added uservars persistence, and sphinxql_state directive (bug #1132)
- Added POLY2D, GEOPOLY2D, CONTAINS functions
- Added ZONESPAN operator
- Added snippets_file_prefix directive
- Added Arabic stemmer, morphology=stem_ar directive (bug #519)
- Added OPTION sort_method={pq | kbuffer}, an alternative match sorting method
- Added SPZ (sentence, paragraph, zone) support to RT indexes
- Added support for upto 255 keywords in quorum operator (bug #1030)
- Added multi-threaded agent querying (bug #1000)
- Added SHOW INDEX indexname STATUS statement
- Added LIKE clause support to multiple SHOW xxx statements
- Added SNIPPET() function
- Added GROUP_CONCAT() aggregate function
- Added GROUPBY() builtin function
- Added iostats and cpustats to SHOW META
- Added support for DELETE statement over distributed indexes (bug #1104)
- Added EXIST('attr_name', default_value) builtin function (bug #1037)
- Added SHOW VARIABLES WHERE variable_name='xxx' syntax
- Added TRUNCATE RTINDEX statement
- Changed that UDFs are now allowed in fork/prefork modes via sphinxql_state
  startup script
- Changed that compat_sphinxql_magics now defaults to 0
- Changed that small enough exceptions, wordforms, stopwords files are now
  embedded into the index header
- Changed that rt_mem_limit can now be over 2 GB (bug #1059)
- Optimized tokenizer (upto 1.25x indexing and snippets speedup)
- Optimized multi-keyword searching (added skiplists)
- Optimized filtering and scan in several frequent cases (single-value,
  2-arg, 3-arg WHERE clauses)

Version 2.0.9

- Bug fixes

See full changelog below:

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