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CVS commit: wip/sphinxsearch

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   fhajny
Date:           Fri May 31 20:45:15 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/sphinxsearch: Makefile distinfo
        wip/sphinxsearch/patches: patch-src_sphinxstd.h

Log Message:
Update sphinxsearch to 2.0.8.

Changes in 2.0.8
   * fixed #1515, log strings over 2KB were clipped when
   * fixed #1514, RT index disk chunk lose attribute update on daemon
   * fixed #1512, crash while formatting log messages
   * fixed #1511, crash on indexing PostgreSQL data source with MVA
   * fixed #1509, blend_chars vs incomplete multi-form and overshort
   * fixed #1504, RT binlog replay vs descending tid on update
   * fixed #1499, sql_field_str2wordcount actually is int, not string
   * fixed #1498, now working with exceptions starting with number too
   * fixed #1496, multiple destination keywords in wordform
   * fixed #1494, lost 'mod', '%' operations in select list. Also corrected
     few typers in the doc.
   * fixed #1490, expand_keywords vs prefix
   * fixed #1487, `id` in expression fixed
   * fixed #1483, snippets limits fix
   * fixed #1481, shebang config changes check on rotation
   * fixed #1479, port handling in PHP Sphinx API
   * fixed #1474, daemon crash at SphinxQL packet overflows max_packet_size
   * fixed #1472, crash on loading index to indextool for check
   * fixed #1465, expansion_limit got lost in index rotation
   * fixed #1427, #1506, utf8 3 and 4-bytes codepoints
   * fixed #1405, between with mixed int float values

Changes in 2.0.7
   * fixed #1475, memory leak in the expression parser
   * fixed #1457, error messages over 2KB were clipped
   * fixed #1454, searchd did not display an error message when the binlog
     path did not exist
   * fixed #1441, SHOW META in a query batch was returning the last
     non-batch error
   * fixed #1435, typo in the documentation
   * fixed #1430, rt_flush_period now works even with a disabled binlog
   * fixed #1427, overlong 4-byte UTF-8 codes in source text could cause
     indexer crashes or index corruption
   * fixed #1418, warnings from local index searches were lost with
   * fixed #1417, crash handler now works on searchd startup stage, too
     (eg. to report index load time crashes)
   * fixed #1410, bad numerics like '123abc' now result in a proper
     SphinxQL error message
   * fixed #1404, a tiny memory leak in shared mutex
   * fixed #1394, race in --iostats caused incorrect I/O statistics in
     threaded modes
   * fixed #1391, QUORUM operator vs docinfo=inline returned wrong
     attribute values
   * fixed #1389, edge case in the ORDER operator caused occasionaly
     searchd crashes
   * fixed #1382, query parts with field limits but without real keywords
     (like '@name {') are now simply ignored and no longer cause a query
     syntax error
   * fixed #1370, Windows indexer builds failed to fetch rows from MSSQL
   * fixed #1368, ORDER BY RAND() did not work in RT indexes
   * fixed #1364, queries with hitless words could occasionally crash
   * fixed #1363, '*' in charset_table was causing query syntax errors with
   * fixed #1353, added filtering by 'id' syntax (in addition to '@id') to
   * fixed #1346, fixed NEAR operator behavior vs duplicated keywords
   * fixed #1345, invalid PROXIMITY operator threshold now causes a query
     syntax error rather than unexpected search behavior
   * fixed #1343, misconfigured indexes with 0 full text fields are now
     explicitly forbidden
   * fixed #1342, specific error messages (from the preload stage) went
     missing when failing to load the indexes
   * fixed #1339, no warning on inconsistent word statistics
   * fixed #1335, typo in searchd help screen
   * fixed #1334, typo in SELECT documentation
   * fixed #1316, PHRASE operator did not match in a rare self-repeating
     document/query case
   * fixed #1297, letting queries complete gracefully instead of killing
     them off in seamless_rotate=1, workers=prefork case
   * fixed #1295, mentioned index naming requirements (proper identifier)
     in the FROM clause docs
   * fixed #1221, incorrect results when using @groupby in select list via
     SphinxAPI with compat_sphinxql_magics=0
   * fixed #1180, special SPZ chars occasionally leaking into snippets
   * fixed #1171, preforked children did not reload logs on SIGUSR1
   * fixed #1150, added support for `id` syntax in DELETE and parents in
   * fixed #1135, crashes when using MVA/strings attributes in expression
   * fixed #1124, corrupted attributes after merging with an empty index
   * fixed #1090, SphinxSE snippets UDF updated to support MySQL 5.5
   * fixed #1041, added initial support for MVA updates (and other mutex
     protected things) on FreeBSD
   * fixed #999, fullscan returned empty result sets in mixed batches of
     fullscan and fulltext queries
   * fixed #921, document count/bytes 32bit overflow in indexer progress
   * fixed #539, added processing suffix rules with dots in .affix file to
   * fixed #481, rotation did not work on Windows with preopen=1
   * fixed #268, added warnings about duplicate elements in xmlpipe2
   * fixed CSphStaticMutex (double initialization issue)
   * fixed documentation typo in SQL data sources
   * fixed too-late initialization of mutex at daemon
   * fixed that an instance of searchd resurrected by watchdog could leak
     resources and/or crash
   * added a console message about crashes during index loading at startup
   * added more debug info about failed index loading

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1 -r1.2 wip/sphinxsearch/patches/patch-src_sphinxstd.h
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.5 -r1.6 wip/sphinxsearch/distinfo
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.9 -r1.10 wip/sphinxsearch/Makefile

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