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jitsi-meet: update to version 2.0.6173

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Pierre Pronchery <>
Pushed By:	khorben
Date:		Mon Nov 8 04:18:27 2021 +0100
Changeset:	6a3dfa0b0fde387aa86b3713ee9f8dce191488fd

Modified Files:

Log Message:
jitsi-meet: update to version 2.0.6173

jicofo 1.0-786
* Merge queued remote source changes. (#784)
* fix: Do not remove octo sources twice. (#782)
* Strip simulcast streams when signaling receivers. (#783)
* Fix the accepted sources from source-add. (#781)
* fix: Fix the way source-add/source-remove are queued before the session is established. (#779)
* fix: Do not add injected sources in jingle. (#780)
* Add more debug logs for changes to sources. (#778)
* Fix exceptions (#776)
* fix: Fix updating octo sources. (#775)
* fix: Fix debian postinst when is missing. (#774)
* Refactor and optimize SSRC validation (#768)
* feat: added support for requesting MID header extensions (#770)
* Bump jitsi-utils: limit statistics for unbounded PacketQueue instances. (#772)
* Move JvbBrewery config to new config.' (#767)
* fix: Fix a NPE when chatRoom is null. (#769)
* Improvements to jicofo's PacketQueue usage. (#771)
* fix: Increase the conference queue executor queue size. (#765)
* Update kotlin to 1.5.20 (#762)
* chore: Updates checkstyle module. (#763)
* feat: Use synchronized Map for AV moderation.
* fix: Fixes using non-thread safe JSONParser.
* fix: Fixes jitsi/jitsi-meet#9502 reload of authenticated users.
* update jitsi-utils version (#758)
* fix: Synchronize access to pendingTimeoutTask (#757)
* fix: Catch exceptions in IQ handlers. (#742)
* chore: Update apache-http. (#743)
* Use the service connection (if configured) for Jigasi (#747)
* feat: Fire ChatRoomImpl events asynchronously. (#754)
* chore(deps): bump jetty-server from 9.4.40.v20210413 to 9.4.41.v20210516 (#755)
* ref: Simplify ChatRoomImpl, remove ChatRoomRoleAndPresence.' (#753)
* feat: Only recognize jibri members from trusted domains. (#751)
* fix: Fix the chat room member count. (#752)
* ref: Recognize jibri by a presence extension (instead of disco#info). (#750)
* Recognize jigasi by presence (not disco#info). (#749)
* ref: Make JitsiMeetConference and ChatRoom more separate (#748)

jitsi-meet 1.0.5211
* fix(lang) update Brazilian Portuguese translations
* fix: Adds a null check in mod_limits_exceptions.
* fix(ios) remove exitPictureInPicture() call from resetBounds(bounds:)
* fix(lang) update portuguese translation
* feat: Rises the stanza limit for unlimited jids (jicofo).
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest (#9686)
* feat(transcribing): configurable transcription language (#9684)
* fix(av-moderation): Fixes approving and dismissing the notification.
* fix(logging): Set the log level to debug again. Plan is to make the Strophe logs more restrictive. Revert "fix(logging) reduce overly vebose logging"
* feat(rn,filmstrip) add 1on1 mode
* chore(deps): bump browserslist in /resources/load-test
* fix(misc) fix typeof comparison to undefined
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(rn,video-quality) fix not selecting any endpoint on mobile
* fix(recording-label) fix recording label behavior
* fix(notifications) Fix hiding audio/video lost notification
* chore(rn,versions) set mobile app and SDK versions
* fix(twa) update masked icon
* feat(toolbox) updated menu items order, dividers for mobile
* fix: Fix av moderation enable-disable sequence.
* deps(rn) update WebRTC to M92
* fix(conference) unify conference options
* fix(rn,bottom-sheet) fixed  surface color
* fix(lang) update German translation
* fix(config) comment out enabledReactions
* fix(shared-video,video-menu) add ability to stop shared video from video menu
* feat(share-video) Allow sharing direct video links (mp4 etc) on mobile (#9511)
* fix(Filmstrip): Send only visible endpoints to jvb
* feat(participants-pane) changed to standard header
* fix(external-api): persist audio output device
* feat(ios) support for destroying & reinitializing the react native bridge
* feat(participants-pane) hide admit all if less than 2 participants
* feat(participants-pane) context menu ui fixes
* fix(Toolbar): Fix toolbar not hiding on mobile
* fix(logging) reduce overly vebose logging
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(lang) update portuguese translaation
* fix(prejoin): disposed track was added to the conference
* fix(deps,rn) bump @react-native-async-storage/async-storage
* feat(participants-pane) updates
* fix(rn,polyfills) remove no longer needed hack
* chore(deps) react-native-webrtc@1.89.2
* fix(config) add missing buttons to default constants
* fix(dropbox-recording) Prevent start recording when no dropbox token
* fix(virtual-background): Refactor CSS to accommodate smaller screens
* feat(participants-pane) removed getIsParticipantAudioMuted
* fix(ShareDesktopButton): typo.
* fix(toolbox) add back toggle camera button
* fix(toolbar-buttons) Attempt fix Meet in integration
* fix(ShareDesktopButton): getParticipants reference
* fix(reactions) Moved reactions behind feature flag
* feat(Filmstrip): Collapse filmstrip to avoid toolbar overlap on mobile
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix: Normalize the tenant part of the URL. (#9577)
* feat(native-participants-pane) removed everyonemoderator from footer context menu
* feat(native-participants-pane) updated slider volume private prop
* feat(native-participants-pane) rebase, resolved conflicts pt. 2
* feat(native-participants-pane) rebase, resolved conflicts pt. 1
* feat(native-participants-pane) rebase and Podfile.lock file updates
* feat(native-participants-pane) implemented review remarks pt.4
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed lint errors
* feat(native-participants-pane) implemented review remarks pt. 3
* feat(native-participants-pane) slider ui fixes
* feat(native-participants-pane) updated podfile
* feat(native-participants-pane) volume level state fix
* feat(native-participants-pane) volume slider refactoring
* feat(native-participants-pane) updated translations and added throttle for slider
* feat(native-participants-pane) review remarks pt 2 volume slider
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed comment typos and reworks on volume slider
* feat(native-participants-pane) implemented review remarks pt. 1
* feat(native-participants-pane) resolved rebase conflicts and updated import paths
* feat(native-participants-pane) removed console.log
* feat(native-participants-pane) removed unused prop and added onPress condition
* feat(native-participants-pane) dialog for blocking audio/video
* feat(native-participants-pane) Updated comments
* feat(native-participants-pane) participants pane open/close fixed
* feat(native-participants-pane) open/close pane native actions
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed slider error on android
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed lint errors
* feat(native-participants-pane) removed mock data
* feat(native-participants-pane) ui fixes
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed lint error
* feat(native-participants-pane) created admitAll action
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed slider and hid dialog when chat is open
* feat(native-participants-pane) added action dialogs for context menu participant details and native community slider
* feat(native-participants-pane) context menu for meeting participant
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed import order lint error
* feat(native-participants-pane) context menu for more btn and reject lobby participant
* feat(native-participants-pane) rendered participant name
* feat(native-participants-pane) simplified props for hiding header with navigation
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed mute all content styles and added doInvitePeople action
* feat(native-participants-pane) token updates and added mute all event
* feat(native-participants-pane) updated styles for meeting participant list
* feat(native-participants-pane) created meeting participant list
* feat(native-participants-pane) ui fixes
* feat(native-participants-pane) admit/reject all buttons
* feat(native-participants-pane) ui updates for participant item
* feat(native-participants-pane) first lobbyparticipantlist steps
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed lint errors
* feat(native-participants-pane) removed button component, fixed icons inside paper button component and reverted actions.js files
* feat(native-participants-pane) reverted podfile changes
* feat(native-participants-pane) fixed lint errors
* feat(native-participants-pane) separated native actions from web actions and created any actions for the common ones
* feat(native-participants-pane) updated styles for button component and participant item related components
* feat(native-participants-pane) added showHeaderWithNavigation prop to JitsiModal and created close button
* feat(native-participants-panel) renamed ParticipantsPanel to ParticipantsPane and created modal
* feat(native-participants-panel) created participants panel overflowmenu button
* fix(recording-label) Make REC label visible at all times (#9578)
* feat(DominantSpeakerName): Implement
* fix(Thumbnail, Drawer): Remove hover state; Prevent outside propagation
* Fix recording for public access (#9584)
* Update toolbarButtons list
* feat(branding): Add custom avatar backgrounds
* feat(sound-settings) Added ability to control sounds
* fix(reactions) Batch events before sending
* feat(billing-counter) Removed iframe billing-counter callbacks (#9537)
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(jaas) do not deeplink jaas users on default 8x8 app scheme
* fix(jaas) fix vpaas condition
* fix(support-url): Hide contact support button when SUPPORT_URL is empty
* fix(iOS-mailto): Send no new line invite on default email
* fix(jaas) hide chrome banner regardless of jwt (#9565)
* fix(virtual-background): Add logs on virtual background actions.
* fix(AOT): participant selection.
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix: Fix speakerstats reports.
* feat(reactions-webhook) Added reactions backend call for webhook (#9534)
* fix(aot): Remove dependency to translate from StatelessAvatar.js
* fix(android): Fix install error on application compiled against Android S - Targeting S+ (version 10000 and above) requires that an explicit value for android:exported be defined when intent filters are present
* code review
* fix*(jaas) redirect to plan limit page on connection failed
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(reactions) Updated list of reactions & disabled incoming message sound (#9550)
* chore(rn): set mobile SDK versions 3.7.0
* fix(jaas) always hide chrome banner (#9546)
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(css) moved to the left moderation text
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(jaas) fix jaas customer details endpoint (#9542)
* fix(virtual-background): Prevent memory leak when desktop share as a virtual background is applied.
* Update Traditional Chinese translation
* Update Traditional Chinese translation
* Added missing german translation
* Update of the translation to portuguese language
* Fixed (#9533)
* feat(reactions) Added Reactions (#9465)
* fix(virtual-background): Set x scale to default value on desktop share as a virtual background deactivation.
* fix(share-youtube-video): Validate youtube url.
* fix(av-moderation): Fixes sending wrong whitelist in json.
* feat: Participants optimisations (#9515)
* fix(virtual-background): Style adjustments on virtual background dial? (#9484)
* feat(JaaS-JWT) Get JWT for JaaS (#9512)
* fix(settings): imports that break mobile.
* fix(connection-indicator) Fix detecting local/remote participant
* fix(virtual-background): Fix mirror behavior for remote participants.
* fix(tile-view): when iAmRecorder=true.
* fix(Filmstrip): Fix scrollbars around filmstrip (#9519)
* feat(toolbox) allow any toolbox button to be displayed in main toolbar (#9488)
* feat: Enable unified plan support for p2p chrome calls.
* feat(audio-screen-share): improved ux flow (#9411)
* fix(feedback-dialog) Removed mouseover on mobile
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* feat(thumbnails) Add changes to mobile context menu
* feat(api) expose follow me method (#9486)
* fix(config) document useRoomAsSharedDocumentName
* fix(av-moderation) added optional chaining for moderation enabling
* Exposed preferredCodec
* fix(css) fix various layout issues on small screen sizes (#9464)
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* feat(config) Added option to remove Show More link from GSM popover
* Include support for translated string resources at device permission dialog because it contains hardcoded english strings.
* added more translations
* Changes to the Brazilian Portuguese translation
* lang: Update of the translation to portuguese language (#9432)
* Update for sq translation (#9449)
* Update Occitan locale (#9453)
* Update main-zhCN.json
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(external-api): update settings on api device change
* fix(build) split jaas actions
* fix(build) add missing file for native builds (#9461)
* feat: Change the screenshare capture fps from UI. (#9438)
* feat(jaas) display messages about features that are disabled for jaas? (#9448)
* chore(replace-participant) Send `readyToClose` event when a replaced participant is kicked
* fix(virtual-background): Fix resize action and prevent mirror behavio? (#9441)
* feat(external-api): Add send chat message command
* fix(chat) removed unread msgs counter on chat open
* fix(i18n): LocaleDetector should consider the language tag
* (fix): Do not allow external css customization for static prejoin
* fix(pagination): keys
* feat: request video only for visible thumbnails.
* feat(Filmstrip): Pagination.
* feat: UI part for A/V moderation. (#9195)
* fix(vpaas): Don't show recording link to initiator if saving on dropbox
* fix(keyboardshortcut) spacebar release mutes participant (#9434)
* fix(lobby) disable invite from lobby screen fix #9209 (#9417)
* feat(did-page) Handle SIP number on did info page
* fix: Clear prosody utils and removes a debug statement.
* feat: Optimizes speaker stats to skip occupants with 0 talk time.
* chore: Updates mod_smacks.lua version to latest.
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(VirtualBackgroundDialog): SS on electron.
* lang: Update of the translation to portuguese language (#9392)
* feat(vpaas, recording): Show recording link to recording initiator (#9362)
* Update main-zhTW.json
* complete EU translation
* Updating French Translation
* i18n: ptBR: new translation
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* fix(virtual-background): Prevent virtual background selection if it h? (#9414)
* fix(wasm-support): WebAssembly browser support. (#9410)
* fix: Checks all parts while parsing config params.
* fix(toolbox) Copying with Ctrl+C toggles the chat. Fixes #9380
* feat(replace-participant): Add replaceParticipant feature-flag
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* Merge pull request #9395 from jitsi/tavram/invert-flag
* fix(api) invert filmstrip autohide flag
* feat(replace-participant): Replace participant with same jwt in the conf
* fix(authentication) language display problem resolved #9385 (#9390)
* feat(external_api) Expose command for toggling background dlg
* Merge pull request #9368 from jitsi/tavram/mousemove
* fix(share-video) fix backwards compatibility issue
* fix(rn): adds check for blur function on currentTarget
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* feat(api) allow always hiding remote videos for 1-1 calls
* Update languages-zhTW.json
* Fix `Thailand` to `Thai`
* feat(api) expose event for mouse movements inside the iframe
* feat: Make Jitsi WCAG 2.1 compliant (#8921)
* Merge pull request #9374 from jitsi/tavram/config-autohide-filmstrip
* feat(api) allow filmstrip autohide to be configurable
* Merge pull request #9371 from alexbumbu/fix_deeplinking
* chore(deps) lib-jitsi-meet@latest
* Update main-ja.json
* fix(vpaas) enable deeplinking
* feat(participants-pane): Add 'admit all' knocking participants button
* fix(participants-pane): Don't show 'grant moderator' action if already moderator
* fix(DeviceSelection): Remove video from mobile Safari

* fix(ProxyConnection) add new required stubs
* fix(tpc) fix extracting ssrc map when using single stream
* fix(transcribing): send transcripton_language only when necessary (#1677)
* feat(transcribing): configurable transcription language
* fix: Fix av moderation n.filter is not a function.
* fix(ConnectionQuality): Do not show red/yellow GSM bars on join. When the user first unmutes their video, the connection quality is shown as poor until the local stats are available. Calculate the connection quality only after the stats are available, i.e., assume 100% until pcStatsInterval has elapsed.
* feat(non-participant-messages) Add a new JitiConferenceEvent for messages ignored by ENDPOINT_MESSAGE_RECEIVED
* fix(precall) respect custom callstats script url for precall test
* feat(BridgeChannel): Signal a new videoType for high fps screenshare. This lets the bridge adjust the bitrate allocation for this source so that layers with higher fps are prioritized over layers with higher resolution. As a result, endpoints with restricted downlink will receive a high fps low resolution share as opposed to a high resolution low fps screenshare.
* fix(log) lower severity of overly verbose logs (2)
* fix(log) lower severity of overly verbose logs
* e2ee: remove legacy apis (#1653)
* feat(JingleSessionPC): Enable unfied plan by default for chrome p2p.
* fix(JingleSessionPC): Fix startMuted cases for p2p unified plan. Chrome doesn't create a decoder for ssrc in the remote description when there is no local source and the endpoint is offerer. Initiating a renegotiation with the endpoint as a responder fixes this issue. Add a workaround until Chrome fixes this bug.
* fix: Missed SSRCs in Unified Plan with several "ssrc-group:FID" groups. (#1658)
* fix(TPC): Fix the screenshare issue when user starts video muted on chrome. Munge 3 ssrcs in the SDP for chrome in unified plan always for the simulcast case.
* fix(JingleSessionPC): Disable unified-plan for p2p chrome. Do not enable unified plan for p2p chrome by default until StartMutedTest is fixed. Fix media direction for case when there are no local and remote sources, should be set to 'inactive' in that case.
* fix(codec-selection): Fix VP9 codec switching issue in Chrome unified-plan. Munge only the m-line that corresponds to the source that the browser will be sending. Do not select VP9 on Firefox. Detect support for RTCRtpTransceiver#setCodecPreferences correctly.
* fix(RTC): In unified-plan mode, disable the low resolution streams for low fps SS. In unified plan impl, it is not possible to enable/disable simulcast during the call since the same sender is re-used for all local video tracks. Therefore, disable the low resolution simulcast streams for low fps screensharing so that the bridge forwards only the highest resolution stream which is important for low fps screensharing.
* fix(JingleSessionPC): Do not check if the ssrc already exists in the RD when adding a ssrc-group from source-add.
* feat: Switch to unified plan on chrome by default unless explicitly disabled.
* fix(VADAudioAnalyser): NPE error evaluating this._vadEmitter.on (#1652)
* Small fix in tokens doc.
* fix(TPC): Do not remove ssrcs from remote desc for p2p. In unified plan, re-use of m-line (i.e., adding an SSRC, removing it and then adding it back) causes the browser to not render the media on Chrome and Safari. The WebRTC spec is not clear as to how browsers have to behave, this doesn't cause any issues on Firefox. As a workaround, only change the media direction and leave the ssrc in the remote desc. This automatically triggers a 'removetrack' event on the associated MediaStream and the track can be removed from the UI.
* Drops old prosody versions from the tokens instructions
* fix(VAD): Do not enable VAD on Chrome on iOS.
* squash: Set capScreenShareBitrate flag every time a new pc is created.
* feat(RTC): Add the ability to change desktop share fps. Provide a method for changing the capture fps for desktop tracks during the call. These changes to the lib are needed for making it configurable from the UI.
* fix(RTC): Do not overwrite other constraints when resolution option is used. When the resolution option was being used, all the other constraints like frameRate and facing mode were being overwritten.
* fix: Send videoType bridge message for mute/unmute on FF. (#1642)
* fix(TPC): Filter ssrcs differently while extracting the SSRC map from SDP. Use 'msid' for plan-b clients and 'cname' for unified-plan clients.
* Merge pull request #1639 from jitsi/hmuresa/flip-device
* feat(replace-participant): Replace participant with same jwt in the conf
* fix(TPC): fix local resolution/fps stats. Browsers do not generate a 'msid' attribute for ssrcs in unified plan mode, use mediaType as a key for the TrackSSRCInfo map.
* fix(recording): Send participant id when recording starts/stops (#1632)
* fix(connectivity): Fix video freezes on Safari when ep goes out of last-n.

jitsi-videobridge 2.1-538-g062e9f56
* chore: Fix compiler warnings. (#1700)
* Make the colibri queue unbounded; include its stats in queue stats. (#1699)
* Forward endpoint stats for current ranked speakers. (#1698)
* Forward endpoint stats if an endpoint has non-zero constraints. (#1697)
* feat: Support signaling forr high fps screensharring. (#1696)
* fix: Fix effective constraints calculation. (#1695)
* chore: Remove .DS_Store (fixes 1693). (#1694)
* Remove workaround for Firefox 75 bug, fixed more than a year ago. (#1692)
* Preserve VP9 sequence numbers, picId, and tl0picIdx across suspensions (#1691)
* Add explicit dependencies on kotlin-reflect. (#1690)
* Tweak layer selection for screensharing (#1687)
* Remove use of powermock and easymock from the testing framework. (#1686)
* change default value of always-route-dominant to true (#1689)
* Format IceTransport in Unix EOL format to match other files (#1684)
* Update kotlin to 1.5.20. (#1682)
* feat: Add /colibri/muc-client/list endpoint (#1680)
* feat: Only forward audio packets of the loudest speakers in a conference. (#1677)
* Use local participant count (not conference count) for graceful shutdown. (#1612)
* Make trace context properly-formatted JSON. (#1679)
* chore: Fix and enforce import ordering. (#1678)
* ref: Adapt to EventEmitter API changes. (#1676)
* Fix forwarding of VP9 screenshare (#1674)
* fix: Tracks the total (instead of current) aimd bwe expirations. (#1675)
* Bump jmt and rtp: don't forward hop-by-hop header extensions. (#1671)
* Fix: Bump JMT: Expire RtpPacketCache objects after 15 seconds. (#1673)
* feat: Implements tracking of the aimd bwe expirations. (#1670)
* fix: Do not require the --apis cmd line argument (fix #1592). (#1625)
* Octo is now disable by default, need to enable it. (#1669)
* fix: Update speech activity endpoints when video type changes. (#1668)
* fix: Fix property names (ice4j). (#1667)

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 jicofo/PLIST               | 48 +++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 jicofo/distinfo            |  8 ++++----
 jitsi-meet/Makefile.common |  6 +++---
 jitsi-meet/PLIST           |  3 +++
 jitsi-meet/distinfo        |  8 ++++----
 jitsi-videobridge/PLIST    | 32 +++++++++++++++----------------
 jitsi-videobridge/distinfo |  8 ++++----
 7 files changed, 58 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)

diff --git a/jicofo/PLIST b/jicofo/PLIST
index f96343659d..642019af80 100644
--- a/jicofo/PLIST
+++ b/jicofo/PLIST
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ share/jicofo/lib/annotations-15.0.jar
@@ -19,8 +19,8 @@ share/jicofo/lib/guava-30.1.1-jre.jar
@@ -44,35 +44,35 @@ share/jicofo/lib/jersey-entity-filtering-2.34.jar
diff --git a/jicofo/distinfo b/jicofo/distinfo
index 07dc337545..d4b80e1322 100644
--- a/jicofo/distinfo
+++ b/jicofo/distinfo
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-SHA1 (jicofo/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = a1f4fb68356cb8bc3a7e3100974400f1ebbb0b79
-RMD160 (jicofo/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = ebcabf68673a724b70bc5a7bf3141f65533734ee
-SHA512 (jicofo/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = b0111bd63f4a66298ceb753ffe991fdc7a6c72196c4da14b5ee1963ee82da202779227af76e1e98b9a964200a25426d72af6dd6939f256b5bdd14b99671a5b0d
-Size (jicofo/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 244282 bytes
+SHA1 (jicofo/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 3fc779530ec42109a99628cb38b3757f7f03fed4
+RMD160 (jicofo/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = ff3203b5518ad85c66e0eca61c064dfb4de61b39
+SHA512 (jicofo/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 3de5bfa4a84f78580f83fc21987a0c8852a6df1f89a6b167d17b37469497f3438d9f2a44cbd1867c8663261e0e0a89a3cf5b7c00dbbb2501b5becc385f76abbc
+Size (jicofo/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 245564 bytes
diff --git a/jitsi-meet/Makefile.common b/jitsi-meet/Makefile.common
index 09c6d936e6..3860729b8d 100644
--- a/jitsi-meet/Makefile.common
+++ b/jitsi-meet/Makefile.common
@@ -5,12 +5,12 @@
 # used by wip/jitsi-videobridge/Makefile
-GITHUB_TAG=	stable/jitsi-meet_5963
-DISTNAME=	jitsi-meet_5963
+GITHUB_TAG=	stable/jitsi-meet_6173
+DISTNAME=	jitsi-meet_6173
diff --git a/jitsi-meet/PLIST b/jitsi-meet/PLIST
index 55e2781b5c..741e784999 100644
--- a/jitsi-meet/PLIST
+++ b/jitsi-meet/PLIST
@@ -35,11 +35,13 @@ share/jitsi-meet/images/flags.png
@@ -233,6 +235,7 @@ share/jitsi-meet/static/dialInInfo.html
diff --git a/jitsi-meet/distinfo b/jitsi-meet/distinfo
index b26be8be2c..48004d6320 100644
--- a/jitsi-meet/distinfo
+++ b/jitsi-meet/distinfo
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-SHA1 (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = b6411deca4f733a8703e4979d5281d98170a8024
-RMD160 (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 2b271faff5f4e30727d7c078e5123217621ce6e7
-SHA512 (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 8165385d07383b42739109ab06679749323bb1726d061e7204959b8958ee957f6246b0d893418e4e40428d81ad5516e21111768cca136677cf0f647410004207
-Size (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 112322452 bytes
+SHA1 (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 009162ad5cfb511c0a486e8db3b3311c4ece54ba
+RMD160 (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = c71cf70234a9f3fdc30d1dcf75f1c9548684c289
+SHA512 (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = f5ddaebda03e0343a31c4592a6498a93e7bf382af9034ceda8452602574455f67625df05850c812eaacc5548b70cf5f0fd6926ed693356a3f18017f94fbc5ca1
+Size (jitsi-meet/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 112611484 bytes
diff --git a/jitsi-videobridge/PLIST b/jitsi-videobridge/PLIST
index fe8c566706..3869b3ab96 100644
--- a/jitsi-videobridge/PLIST
+++ b/jitsi-videobridge/PLIST
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/bcpkix-jdk15on-1.68.jar
@@ -22,13 +22,13 @@ share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/guava-30.1.1-jre.jar
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/jetty-client-9.4.40.v20210413.jar
@@ -64,14 +64,14 @@ share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/jetty-servlet-9.4.40.v20210413.jar
@@ -83,19 +83,19 @@ share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/jsr305-3.0.2.jar
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ share/jitsi-videobridge/lib/osgi-resource-locator-1.0.3.jar
diff --git a/jitsi-videobridge/distinfo b/jitsi-videobridge/distinfo
index d1719e80c5..af8d81fc1a 100644
--- a/jitsi-videobridge/distinfo
+++ b/jitsi-videobridge/distinfo
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
-SHA1 (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = f199ab655baeacaf763c9e45680eeabbf4bbc652
-RMD160 (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 61a3bb218677e7b80df67b4254464f2020ab7a7c
-SHA512 (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 6873e69fb0b654b2487fd21db181b7498cb93eea5b628f27f66bd9c8cf5ae708ed9c0593290242e5f47f86b86f3d8eb99d4462b9bb557d195115ca9f1a99854a
-Size (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_5963.tar.gz) = 317092 bytes
+SHA1 (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 913f4faa9e2a04ad328d57b4f3fa4c0f19f32620
+RMD160 (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = eded1c9273e09301362d0a80daa8ac8553b54018
+SHA512 (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = abd96e37ba163f18035c8acc481dc646c2f241148767eb4a533608999c1e7e1cbb816771d8b66c8c3cd964a985a411f644f67a378ab74ba8e9fa628595d999e0
+Size (jitsi-videobridge/jitsi-meet_6173.tar.gz) = 321763 bytes

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