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fs2open: update to fs2_open-21.4.0

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Yorick Hardy <>
Pushed By:	yhardy
Date:		Sun Oct 3 14:58:15 2021 +0200
Changeset:	b275ab0b4e7d1c290b559a25422da9d5873deef3

Modified Files:

Log Message:
fs2open: update to fs2_open-21.4.0

Release: 21.4.0

Change log: (chronologically ordered)
Bugfixes and behavior changes: Check these first if something breaks
(most of these changes can be reverted / disabled).
  * changed ship turnrate when following waypoints to fix a bug
    introduced in 20.2
  * Ai_aims_from_center flag fixed (the flag didn't actually affect
  * fixed collision checks involving accelerating weapons (the check
    happened to late potentially missing collisions)
  * fixed a bug where full shields were occasionally pierced (you'll
    have to enable $fixed ship-weapon collisions: in ai_profiles.tbl
    or set your target version to 21.4 to get the new behavior because
    this fix might break mission balance)
  * fixed APNG misc mainhall animations (the engine only used one
    random animation per group instead of picking a new animation for
    each loop)
  * fixed an assertion when exiting missions through scripting
  * fixed scripting documentation to correctly display placeholders
    like <​argument​>
  * negative  $Hull Repair Rate can now kill the player if their
    health drops below 0 due to it
  * fixed +Attenuation: for beams (the previous implementation didn't
    have the intended effect and often didn't change the damage at
  * fixed single missions in the tech room becoming invisible if their
    title was translated
  * fixed memory leak in F3 lab
  * fixed AI multilock aiming; the AI now has the same restrictions as
    the player
  * fixed hang on debug launch if a quotation mark in a string list
    was missing
  * fixed invalid memory access (possible crash) for model point
    shields with a single quadrant
  * restricted briefing icon override to ships and added $Custom
    briefing icons always override standard icons: to
    game_settings.tbl which reverts this change #3565 and #3576
  * fixed subsystem debris: the engine will no longer use the
    specified generic debris model for destroyed subsystems since the
    model is usually intended to be used for destroyed ships
  * support user names that contain non-ASCII characters by forcing
    the engine in portable mode
  * fixed assert when the weapon None was selected as secondary weapon
    in FRED
  * fixed variable replacement in briefings and debriefings for stages
    that modify variables in their conditions
  * increased XSTR ID limit from 4 digits to 7 digits
  * fixed crash caused by orphan weapons
  * fixed culling for homing primaries (this used to break homing
  * fixed AI targeting itself when hit by EMP
  * fixed $Max Missiles Locked on Player: to only apply to the player
  * performance improvements: (properly cull debris, improve matrix
    multiplication, reduce script overhead caused by unused script
    hooks, improve motion debris rendering)

Visual Changes
  * glowpoint depth removed (the depth made it possible to position
    the glowpoint above the hull which looked awkward)
  * fixed shadows in briefing stages
  * improved nebula poof rendering
  * added in-game options menu options for lightshafts and bloom
  * added option to disable reflect maps in the lab
  * added self-shadows for cockpits

New Table Settings
  * added $Homing Auto-Target Method: to weapons which changes
    heatseekers to target a random enemy instead of the closest
  * added the no collide flag for weapons which allows a modder to
    disable collision for specific weapons
  * added ai_profiles.tbl flag $AI secondary range awareness: which
    can be set to aware to change AI behavior to only select secondary
    weapons that are in range of the AI's target
  * implement $Substitute: for beams
  * implemented type 5 beams
  * added ai_profiles.tbl flag $no shield damage from ship collisions:
    which causes ship-ship collisions to cause hull damage instead of
    shield damage to the heavier ship
  * added +Weapon Optimum Range: for weapons which the AI will attempt
    to maintain while attacking (this makes it possible to tell the AI
    to stick close to their target or snipe from afar)
  * added ballistic beams
  * added +Shield Regen Hit Delay: to ships.tbl which specifies the
    delay after a hit before which the shield starts regenerating
  * added num firepoints for burst shots burst flag for weapons which
    sets the amount of shots per burst to the number of firepoints
    used to fire the weapon
  * added game_settings.tbl setting $Don't pre-empt training message
    voice: which forces the game to finish the training message before
    it plays further messages (before, new messages would interrupt
    training messages)
  * added $Chase View Offset: and $Chase View Rigidity: to ships.tbl
    which allow modders to tweak the chase view for each ship
  * added weapon flag heals which will cause the weapon to heal its
    target instead of dealing damage
  * added AmbientSnd for weapons which is emitted from the weapon
    itself as opposed to InFlightSnd which is played as a HUD sound
  * added volume effect type for particle effects which spawns
    particles in a spherical volume (further tweaks possible through
  * added $Shadow Cascade Distances: to game_settings.tbl

Lua Changes
  * added Lua functions to control sounds assigned to objects
    (assignSound, removeSoundByIndex and removeSound)
  * added Lua function maybePlayCutscene to start cutscenes
  * added new script options for sounds: OS_PLAY_ON_PLAYER (allows
    persistent sounds to play on the player's ship) and
    OS_LOOPING_DISABLED (sound plays only once even if you don't
    remove it later)
  * added Lua function setVolume which allows scripts to change the
    volume of an audio stream

FRED Changes
  * added keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S) for "Save As" in FRED
  * added Draw outlines on selected ships option in FRED
  * fixed handling arbitrary numbers of nebula poofs in FRED #3585 and
  * add turret info to FRED's 3D view
  * fixed the "add data" menu item in FRED's SEXP editor

SEXP Changes
  * added time-to-goal SEXP which returns the seconds a ship will take
    to reach its goal
  * added is-language SEXP which checks whether the game is currently
    running in the given language
  * added SEXP containers more details

  * script-eval has been deprecated in favor of script-eval-block
  * renamed hud-set-retail-gauge-active to

Deprecations are a mechanism in FSO where a certain feature or aspect
of the engine has changed or is no longer supported. Since this would
normally break existing mods we have the mod table feature "$Target
Version:" with which a mod can specify what version of FSO it was
developed with. The features listed above will be removed or changed
when the target version of a mod is at least the version released in
this post.

To see a diff of this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=b275ab0b4e7d1c290b559a25422da9d5873deef3

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

 fs2open/Makefile | 6 +++---
 fs2open/distinfo | 8 ++++----
 2 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/fs2open/Makefile b/fs2open/Makefile
index 17fd9eaceb..dc37235e68 100644
--- a/fs2open/Makefile
+++ b/fs2open/Makefile
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 # $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.9 2015/08/18 20:48:41 yhardy Exp $
-DISTNAME=	release_21_2_0
-PKGNAME=	fs2_open-21.2.0
+DISTNAME=	release_21_4_0
+PKGNAME=	fs2_open-21.4.0
 DIST_SUBDIR=	fs2_open
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ MAINTAINER=
 COMMENT=	Freespace 2 source code project
diff --git a/fs2open/distinfo b/fs2open/distinfo
index dfb5e6cc82..587d16ba01 100644
--- a/fs2open/distinfo
+++ b/fs2open/distinfo
@@ -8,10 +8,10 @@ SHA1 (fs2_open/ecd648a43aff8a9f3daf064d75ca5725237d5b38.tar.gz) = 526eb9faca2db6
 RMD160 (fs2_open/ecd648a43aff8a9f3daf064d75ca5725237d5b38.tar.gz) = 63cd363719f397dcfa62828d0ce983697337dd86
 SHA512 (fs2_open/ecd648a43aff8a9f3daf064d75ca5725237d5b38.tar.gz) = 700e242ecb5207faf729ca7d23ac4f28be819c0ef7a0ba51ca18de1592f1016040cd5e4c1c75a573f91cea69dd43549966ac089804a52c0f1b0cfbaabefc4346
 Size (fs2_open/ecd648a43aff8a9f3daf064d75ca5725237d5b38.tar.gz) = 2417905 bytes
-SHA1 (fs2_open/release_21_2_0.tar.gz) = b766bf25c00aeae27eb9830a24baa643ccf2fd46
-RMD160 (fs2_open/release_21_2_0.tar.gz) = 8afa1dd91af184feaa0a43a20b9241439ded17c7
-SHA512 (fs2_open/release_21_2_0.tar.gz) = eb5ee97fd5052539c291c7782037b2661d3c7e626beebfd12d861462626c04b3cb2dd6252eba5c5e2afb7d880c20671a4e0dfa7aa46101def5c3955724b826d9
-Size (fs2_open/release_21_2_0.tar.gz) = 10376477 bytes
+SHA1 (fs2_open/release_21_4_0.tar.gz) = 1320cb2523ab055a5cf46b0d01dc3d0ce1c13d6b
+RMD160 (fs2_open/release_21_4_0.tar.gz) = 992f1275f4855bda9a7726648bab244129099ef6
+SHA512 (fs2_open/release_21_4_0.tar.gz) = f49e273c6d75fda117f4ac6c4312cf8e5a2b5072172d90a7a30e5227e1f4857cef5c80de9688656ba21bac75b4c02e1bbac5a1f86b8ba64d4ae46223e6c314b0
+Size (fs2_open/release_21_4_0.tar.gz) = 10430306 bytes
 SHA1 (patch-cmake_platform-unix.cmake) = 54de840e05b9ac738e84e9e33f17ce623599ec6d
 SHA1 (patch-cmake_platforms.cmake) = b91c2544b2225f7d00fa35272dd2b20725e1ba3e
 SHA1 (patch-cmake_toolchain-clang.cmake) = b3c9375059a56d2963e60d83bac38e690ea6eabc

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