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Re: profanity 0.7.0 writes:
> [...]
> Just dump the upstream changelog in the commit? This was an update over several releases though, so I'm not sure if that would not have been too much?

Yes, this help possible pkgsrc-wip-changes@ reader to know what to
expect when updating to a newer version (for more information please
give a look to `Notes regarding commit messages' in

> They wouldn't work anymore, as I skipped several versions when updating it. profanity changed quite a lot.
> [...]
> What would be a good place for that TODO? I have no NetBSD machine to try this on, though, which is another reason I did not port the patches :). It seemed better to just use ncurses than untested code that most likely suffered from bitrot and would need updating?

Sorry, I meant wip/profanity/TODO refers to curses(3) patches that ATM
are no longer present and no rationale was present in the commit message
regarding removal of them.

It wasn't untested code: at least when they were added I was able to use
profanity built against curses(3).  By just removing them - given that
generic mk/ is used it will probably fails in the
configure phase.  I will try to retest them and reapply them.

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