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Re: profanity 0.7.0


> Thanks for updating it.

Sure, you're welcome :).

> Can you please add a changelog in the commit messages when
> updating packages?

Just dump the upstream changelog in the commit? This was an update over several releases though, so I'm not sure if that would not have been too much?

> Can you please document by
> adding a comment to it?

Ah, I thought it was obvious enough that it removes hardcoded paths so that it works with pkgsrc on those OSes :).

> Just out of curiosity, why the curses(3) patches were removed?

They wouldn't work anymore, as I skipped several versions when updating it. profanity changed quite a lot.

> Shouldn't TODO be adjusted accordingly? (at least when I added those patches it
> permitted me to build profanity on NetBSD with curses(3), it would be
> nice if it can be still build with NetBSD curses(3))

What would be a good place for that TODO? I have no NetBSD machine to try this on, though, which is another reason I did not port the patches :). It seemed better to just use ncurses than untested code that most likely suffered from bitrot and would need updating?


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