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Makefile: remove deleted packages

Module Name:	pkgsrc-wip
Committed By:	Thomas Klausner <>
Pushed By:	wiz
Date:		Wed Mar 7 13:01:44 2018 +0100
Changeset:	2e5d302526213bf9a1f995277044c10a087ae5a2

Modified Files:

Log Message:
Makefile: remove deleted packages

To see a diff of this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=2e5d302526213bf9a1f995277044c10a087ae5a2

Please note that diffs are not public domain; they are subject to the
copyright notices on the relevant files.

 Makefile | 24 ------------------------
 1 file changed, 24 deletions(-)

diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile
index c62997bf4c..f27b0fb39e 100644
--- a/Makefile
+++ b/Makefile
@@ -643,13 +643,8 @@ SUBDIR+=	dwepcrack
 SUBDIR+=	dxmake
 SUBDIR+=	dzen2
 SUBDIR+=	e00pg
-SUBDIR+=	e16
-SUBDIR+=	e16keyedit
-SUBDIR+=	e16menuedit
-SUBDIR+=	e17
 SUBDIR+=	e2fsprogs
 SUBDIR+=	e3
-SUBDIR+=	e_dbus
 SUBDIR+=	easy-rsa
 SUBDIR+=	easymesh
 SUBDIR+=	eboard-extras
@@ -657,28 +652,20 @@ SUBDIR+=	ecasound
 SUBDIR+=	ecb
 SUBDIR+=	eciadsl-usermode
 SUBDIR+=	eclipse
-SUBDIR+=	ecore
-SUBDIR+=	edb
 SUBDIR+=	edb-debugger
 SUBDIR+=	edb-debugger-git
 SUBDIR+=	edbrowse
 SUBDIR+=	edelib
-SUBDIR+=	edje
 SUBDIR+=	eduke32
-SUBDIR+=	eet
 SUBDIR+=	efltk
-SUBDIR+=	efreet
 SUBDIR+=	eic
-SUBDIR+=	eina
 SUBDIR+=	eina-musicplayer
-SUBDIR+=	eio
 SUBDIR+=	ekg2
 SUBDIR+=	ekiga
 SUBDIR+=	electricsheep
 SUBDIR+=	electricsheep-git
 SUBDIR+=	electrum
 SUBDIR+=	elegent
-SUBDIR+=	elementary17
 SUBDIR+=	elfhash-git
 SUBDIR+=	elinks-libmm
 SUBDIR+=	elinks-snapshot
@@ -701,7 +688,6 @@ SUBDIR+=	emboss-meme
 SUBDIR+=	emboss-mse
 SUBDIR+=	emboss-phylip
 SUBDIR+=	emboss-topo
-SUBDIR+=	embryo
 SUBDIR+=	emelfm2
 SUBDIR+=	emerald
 SUBDIR+=	emerald-themes
@@ -711,20 +697,16 @@ SUBDIR+=	emovix
 SUBDIR+=	empathy
 SUBDIR+=	engauge-digitizer
 SUBDIR+=	enigma2000
-SUBDIR+=	entrance
 SUBDIR+=	eor
 SUBDIR+=	eot
 SUBDIR+=	epacts
-SUBDIR+=	epeg
 SUBDIR+=	epiphany
-SUBDIR+=	epsilon
 SUBDIR+=	erc
 SUBDIR+=	erlang-basho
 SUBDIR+=	erlang15
 SUBDIR+=	es40-cvs
 SUBDIR+=	es40-firmware
 SUBDIR+=	esdl
-SUBDIR+=	esmart
 SUBDIR+=	espeak
 SUBDIR+=	espresso
 SUBDIR+=	ethtool
@@ -733,18 +715,12 @@ SUBDIR+=	etoile-core
 SUBDIR+=	etoile-services
 SUBDIR+=	etos
 SUBDIR+=	euca2ools
-SUBDIR+=	evas
-SUBDIR+=	evas-gif
-SUBDIR+=	evas-software-x11
-SUBDIR+=	evas-xpm
-SUBDIR+=	evas_generic_loaders17
 SUBDIR+=	eventd
 SUBDIR+=	ever-note-mode
 SUBDIR+=	evilvte
 SUBDIR+=	evolution-data-server
 SUBDIR+=	evolution-rss
 SUBDIR+=	evolution-tray
-SUBDIR+=	ewl
 SUBDIR+=	exact-image
 SUBDIR+=	execline
 SUBDIR+=	exhume

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