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Re: lang/rust-bin for NetBSD/aarch64

> I'm getting a size mismatch error for the NetBSD/aarch64 distfile
> downloaded from the CDN then 404s from the alternative sites.

I'm sorry...

I checked, and

my local cross-build result of 1.73.0 for NetBSD/aarch64
what's on for NetBSD/aarch64 1.73.0
what's via for NetBSD/aarch64 1.73.0

all match.

However, somehow, what I had in
/usr/pkgsrc/distfiles/rust-bin-1.73.0/ and therefore what ended
up in the "digest" file did *not* match the three above.  I'm
sorry that I cannot fully explain how that happened.

I have now updated the rust-bin package to nb1, fixing the
aarch64 checksums and also dealing with a problem uncovered when
trying to use the NetBSD/powerpc bits natively to build 1.74.0
(it failed), ref.


- Håvard

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