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Re: Upgradeing rust to 1.60.0

This seems ok to me (and I'll be doing the next branch).

A few minor things from reading the diff from lang/rust to wip/rust:

  This line is dropped: "MAKE_ENV.SunOS+= AR=gar".  Seems unlikely to be
  intended.  (We need to be careful with copying wip to main pkgsrc not
  to drop fixes made in pkgsrc, and unfortunately this requires effort.)

  The check for setting MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no on NetBSD 8/9 looks like it
  will falsely trigger on NetBSD 10.   Probably this is easy to write

And maybe this is obvious to everybody but me, but is it the case that
the default value of rust-llvm (which I realize is conditional on
platform) is expected to be ok?  I think it's very important that all
published bulk builds use the checked-in default options, and I feel
like we keep going off the rails in various little ways (in general, not
specifically rust).

(I realize it's good to test both ways with the options regardeless - my
question is really "if somebody does a build without any mk.conf
settings, will that work?".  The counter to the question is "If there is
ever advice like 'you should set this option on platform x' then we are
in a broken state.".

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