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Re: pkgin autoremove equivalent

Jason Bacon <> writes:

> Is there a simple equivalent to pkgin autoremove using just pkg_install
> commands?  I could use pkg_info -Ba to identify automatically installed
> packages along with a clunky script to parse the output.

I am pretty sure there is not.  I have done the same kind of script.

> Could also install pkgin just for this purpose, but much of its
> functionality won't work without a binary package repo available, so
> it's a bit kludgy and occasionally disruptive having it present in an
> installation where everything is built from source.

If you set the repo to /usr/pkgsrc/packages/All, and run

pkgsum () { ls *gz | xargs pkg_info -X | bzip2 > pkg_summary.bz2; }
pkgsuma () { (cd ${PKGSRC}/packages/All && pkgsum) }

then it works just fine, and you can

  pkgin sk
  pkgin unkeep
  pkgin ar
  pkgin rm
  pkging install foo # that you built earlier

just fine.

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