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QEMU crashes after last commit


After the latest commit to emulators/qemu:


revision 1.294
date: 2022/04/25 16:09:53;  author: nia;  state: Exp;  lines: +3 -2
qemu: use external rather than internal libslirp

requested by brad


QEMU crashes when a virtual machine receives a network packet
when using port redirection:

Slirp:ERROR:../src/tcp_subr.c:477:tcp_connect: assertion failed: (ret == 0)
Bail out! Slirp:ERROR:../src/tcp_subr.c:477:tcp_connect: assertion failed: (ret == 0)

This already happened (and was fixed) a few months ago:


revision 1.288
date: 2021/09/19 13:49:12;  author: yhardy;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -2
emulators/qemu: fix crash in slirp:tcp_subr.c

Reported upstream to the qemu and slirp projects (thanks to Marc), fixed in

This adds the corresponding patch for qemu-6.1.0.


net/libslirp in pkgsrc is version 4.6.1, which predates the bug
fix so it might be good to update it to 4.7.0 (which has just
been released and should include the fix.

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