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Re: pkg_chk confused by new configurable PKG_DBDIR

Louis Guillaume <> writes:

> Thanks Greg - I get that aspect of it (the substitution itself) - What
> I'm looking for is where the replacement *values* for @PKG_INFO@ and
> friends are set. There has to be a place where these values are
> generated and assigned to the vars for substitution. I'm currently
> making my way through mk/ to understand better.



That means get the value of that variable and in the file, replace
@PKG_DBDIR@ with the value.

You can "make show-var VARNAME=PKG_DBDIR"; I get /usr/pkg/pkgdb.

PKG_DBDIR is set as a default, possibly overridden.  This sort of SUBST
is very common in the pkgtools world.

If you mean "how does PKG_INFO get set", that's a good question as the
mk files are a bit tricky.  I think that has -K because pkg_info could
be from the base system, and thus have a different PKG_DBDIR than pkgsrc
is using -- even though it does, that's a bug that the user didn't
configure /etc/pkg_install.conf.

Really, I recommend that everyone

  use the default PKG_DBDIR as encoded in pkgsrc

  set /etc/pkg_install.conf to set that same value, unless they are
  really sure base tools have been updated along the branch

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