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Announcing the pkgsrc-2021Q4 branch

The pkgsrc developers are proud to announce the 73rd quarterly release
of pkgsrc, the cross-platform packaging system.  pkgsrc is available
with more than 25,000 packages, running on 23 separate platforms; more
information on pkgsrc itself is available at

In total, 255 packages were added, 37 packages were removed, and 1705
package updates (to 1205 unique packages) were processed since the
pkgsrc-2021Q3 release.  Updates include 462 Python packages, 153 Ruby
packages, 106 perl5 packages, and 17 PHP packages.

For the 2021Q4 release we welcome the following notable packages

 - asterisk 19.1.0
 - gst-plugins 1.18.5 (and packaging revamp)
 - nltk_data 20211124 (for use with py-nltk, Natural Language Toolkit)
 - openh264 2.1.1
 - PHP 8.1.0
 - PostgreSQL 14.0
 - Python 3.10.0
 - wget2 2.0.0

As always, many packages have been brought up to date relative to
upstream, e.g. Go, Python, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, PHP, Tor Browser.  We
omit almost all micro updates below, and welcome the following notable

 - boost 1.77.0
 - certbot 1.22.0
 - cmake 3.22.1
 - Firefox 78.15.0 (as an ESR), 91.4.0 (as an ESR), 95.0.1
 - GNURadio
 - harfbuzz 3.1.2
 - LibreOffice
 - llvm/clang/lldb 13.0.0
 - LXQt 1.0.0
 - Node.js 14.18.2
 - Podman 3.4.4 [uses NVMM on NetBSD]
 - postgresql-postgis 3.2.0
 - postgresql-timescaledb 2.5.1
 - qemu 6.2.0
 - Rust 1.56.1
 - SQLite 3.27.0
 - tahoe-lafs 1.16.0
 - WebKitGTK 2.34.3
 - weechat 3.4
 - xfce4 4.16

This branch we say notable goodbyes to:
 - adobe-flash-player
 - gcc3, gcc34, gcc44
Changes to the pkgsrc infrastructure and notes:

 - PKGSRC_USE_MKPIE was enabled on some architectures.  Packages that
   provide static libraries to other packages should be rebuilt with
   MKPIE enabled.  Some packages may experience runtime errors on
   platforms like i386 - usually this is due to unsafe assembly code,
   which should be disabled when MKPIE is enabled.

 - PKGSRC_USE_SSP was bumped from "yes" to "strong".  This is not
   expected to have a noticable effect.

 - Supported hashes for distfiles are now SHA512 and BLAKE2s; SHA1 and
   RMD160 have been removed. ( SHA1 is still used for patches).

 - The default MySQL implementation is now MariaDB 10.6.

 - The default Python version is now 3.9.

 - Note that Firefox, Thunderbird and likely other packages with
   difficult dependencies do not build on NetBSD 8 and other systems
   with non-recent compilers.  Users who wish to run these programs
   are advised to update to NetBSD 9 or newer versions of other
   operating systems.

- Firefox 78 remains because there is a problem with Firefox 91 using
  the microphone on NetBSD.

Instructions on using the binary package manager can be found at, and pkgsrc itself can be retrieved from via CVS or
tar file, and also from a mirror at
See for instructions.
The branch name for the 2021Q4 branch is "pkgsrc-2021Q4".

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