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pkgin - is this the expected behaviour?


I had sbcl-2.0.7 installed and modified my local pkgsrc copy to use
2.0.11, then I updated the pkgin database file on the build server and
tried to upgrade one of the clients, which already had sbcl-2.0.7
installed. 'pkgin update' got he new database, 'pkgin upgrade' didn't
do anything; 'pkgin avail | grep sbcl' correctly displayed the two
available packages. Removing sbcl-2.0.7 and reinstalling with 'pkgin
install sbcl' again installed 2.0.7, so apparently the order is
alphabetic, not number. I had to 'pkgin install sbcl-2.0.11' .

Is this how it is supposed to work?


(this all is on -current from today or yesterday with the new
pkg_install etc.).

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