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Re: wip/enlightenment-current


I don't have it on any of my laptops that aren't in a VM at the
moment.  The gadgets report something, as opposed to in e17 when they
were simply non-functional... but as they are desktops I am not
getting much from them.

My only laptop target is a Pinebook Pro, and thusfar NetBSD's probing
methods for the battery are... a little primitive.  I can get an
estimated % and time, but it doesn't update faithfully and sometimes
zeros out oddly.  The non-pro a friend has seems to report much more
reliably.  I imagine its a driver/hardware difference... I didn't
leave linux on long enough to see if I had some sort of hardware

I am currently running a compile of your new changes on my amd64
workstation, and will check them out later and report back.

Many thanks for the work!


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