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Re: new wip packages => gvfs and hal

On Wed, 30 Sep 2020 at 06:55, Sergio de Almeida Lenzi
<> wrote:
> finally I got gvfs + hal + gnome-mount to work under
> the packages are in wip
> HAL:
> the main problem with hal was that the logic used to read device-attach/device-detach
> in drvctl.c got missing device from the kernel for example when a usb device
> is inserted, it insert the correct sequence is umass0 -> scibus0 -> sd0...
> but drvctl misses umass, and tries to attach scibus0 and than sd0... so the device
> is not mounted... the solution is use devpubd that have always the correct sequence
> of attach/detach... so a fifo is create and a /libexec/devpubd-hooks/03-hal pushes that
> sequence in the fifo (in the /tmp/halfifo) than can than be read by hal code... in the correct
> sequence
> updated to 1.30.4 (last one with hal support).
> basically the daemon /usr/pkg/libexec/gvfs-hal-volume-monitor is now aware to
> full reload itsself using a SIG_HUP, so the devpubd upon receive data from the kernel
> and after pushing it into the /tmp/halfifo, signal SIG_HUP to the gvfs-hal-volume-monitor that
> reread hal-device change and calls gnome-mount to mount the device...
> It works

Awesome stuff :O


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