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Re: skip checking py27-setuptools in pkg_rr?

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

> The point is, bulk builds may fail in different places, e.g. my
> example regarding asciidoc above. If you get a fresh version of pkgsrc
> you won't be able to build asciidoc today, if you have at some stage
> enabled the pdf option, which is not a default one. Whether this is
> important is another matter. I guess, in this case the solution would
> be to remove the pdf option from asciidoc completely, until somebody
> ports dblatex to python3. It's not a big deal, just one of the quirks
> one deals when using pkgsrc.

I don't see what this has to do with difficulties doing incremental
updates.  It is true that pkg_rr, make update, and pkgin  all do things
less well than a human could suggest when packages get removed, renamed,
have files moved into libraries that they then depdn on, have this
old-package-for-py27 scheme, and various other things.

pkgsrc considers itself correct if a bulk build from nothing succeeds.
And, each package has to build correctly even if an older version is
installed.  Further, it's nice not to do things that break in-place
updating and hence we discourgae renaming unless it's really necessary
and/or worth the pain imposed on users.

Usually every quarter there are a few things that need manual attention
from people doing pkg_rr/make-update/pkgin.  This just seems to be one
of them.

Are you saying that building asciidoc with the pdf option now fails?   I
just did

  make PKG_OPTIONS.asciidoc=pdf package

in textproc/asciidoc and it finished just fine.   Yes, asciidoc depends
on python37 and dblatex on python27, but I don't see a problem with

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