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2020Q3 freeze has started

pkgsrc has entered freeze for the upcoming 2020Q3 branch.  This will
likely last between a week and the end of September.

Everyone who builds packages from source can help by

 - updating their pkgsrc trees to HEAD (and tracking HEAD)

 - building all packages, via

   - bulk build (full, or what you care about)

   - pkg_rolling-replace

   - something else that ensures a consistent build

 - reporting troubles

As always, it's important to have a consistent build, so some mechanism
is needed to ensure that all packages are up-to-date relative to what's
now in pkgsrc.

At this point, known trouble, relative to the general state of how
things have been, includes:

  firefox and thunderbird don't build on NetBSD 8.  Basically, they move
  too fast, and 8's compiler/headers are old.  If you are still running
  a desktop on NetBSD 8, you should think hard about upgrading to 9.

  gnuradio doesn't build on NetBSD 8 -- likely due to old compiler
  issues.  Time to upgrade.

If you have packages in wip that you were hoping would be imported,
right after the branch is created is a good time to bug the people who
said they might import them.  Especially if that was me.


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