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Post-freeze package deletion proposals

	This is an obsolete version of lang/LuaJIT2.
	It has a confusing name.
	It's not required by anything.
	It's i386 only.

	This is an X11 library that hasn't been updated since 2005.
	It's only for native X11, but is broken with native X11.
	It's not required by anything.

	This is broken and not required by anything.
	BoringSSL is mostly for Google internal use.
	It's used by chromium, but it embeds its own copy.
	Not updated since 2015. Likely vulnerable.

	This is obsoleted by libsodium, which strives to be a "portable,
	cross-compilable, packageable fork of NaCl, with a compatible API".
	It's not used by anything.

	See also: TweetNaCl. It's not clear to me why we need 3 versions
	of the same API, when only one is really distributed with packaging
	in mind, and has community mindshare to match.

Less clear?

* libelf and libdwarf are not required by anything and have been
  persistently broken with nobody clearly interested in fixing them,
  the latest verisons also have problems building. But many other
  projects do package them, so maybe a use will become clear later.

* games/love09 is broken and obsoleted by newer LOVE versions, it's not
  used by anything currently. In general I want to clean up the LOVE
  situation and see if we can get things working on one verison, though.

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