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Re: bmake build problem libffi-3.2.1nb4

On 26.06.2020 23:12, Boyd Lynn Gerber wrote:
I can't seem to figure this out

When I cd to

You forgot to say that you are using pkgsrc-2015.  This was only
apparent from the name of the temporary directory.

make works and completes but When in /devel/libffi/ I see the following
bmake gives me the following

# bmake
=> Modifying libtool scripts to use pkgsrc libtool
===> Building for libffi-3.2.1nb4
/bin/sh: : cannot execute

To trace this down, you can run "bmake build-env" (which is available
since 2007), and from there you have more direct access to the build

From there, you can run "bmake -dlx" (as described in the bmake manual
page) to show the actual commands, and run them in "set -x" mode.  This
is necessary since PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2 has no effect on the "inner bmake"
of the package.

As an alternative to running "bmake build-env", you can also just run
"MAKE_FLAGS=-dlx bmake build" in the package directory.  It has the same
effect, it's only "further away".

This should lead you directly to the point where the empty shell command
is executed.

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