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openssl options causing issues


This is probably a lame question but I can't seem to get passed it.

I have in my Makefile

.elif ${OS_VARIANT} == "SCOOSR5"
CONFIGURE_SCRIPT=       ./Configure
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        sco5-gcc
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        depend
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        no-md2
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        no-mdc2
#SIGILL in _sha1_block_data_order_ssse3().
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        no-sse2
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --prefix=${PREFIX}

The currently selected options are:

        idea md2 mdc2 threads

I have from my mk.conf file

        PKG_OPTIONS.openssl = idea threads

I need to remove md2 and mdc2 from the selected options

I thought the Makefile changes would remove them along with my PKG_OPTIONS.openssl

Here is the output

$ bmake
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20190127
=> Bootstrap dependency tnftp-[0-9]*: found tnftp-20151004nb1
===> Skipping vulnerability checks.
WARNING: No /usr/pkg/pkgdb/pkg-vulnerabilities file found.
WARNING: To fix run: `/usr/pkg/sbin/pkg_admin -K /usr/pkg/pkgdb fetch-pkg-vulnerabilities'.
=> Checksum SHA1 OK for openssl-1.0.2u.tar.gz
=> Checksum RMD160 OK for openssl-1.0.2u.tar.gz
=> Checksum SHA512 OK for openssl-1.0.2u.tar.gz
===> Installing dependencies for openssl-1.0.2u
The supported build options for openssl are:

        idea md2 mdc2 rc5 threads zlib

The currently selected options are:

        idea md2 mdc2 threads

You can select which build options to use by setting PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS
or the following variable.  Its current value is shown:

        PKG_OPTIONS.openssl = idea threads

If I do this in security/openssl/work/openssl-1.0.2u

./Configure sco5-gcc no-mdc2 no-md2 --prefix=/usr/pkg
./Configure sco5-gcc shared no-mdc2 no-md2 --prefix=/usr/pkg

I'm able to build in security/openssl/work/openssl-1.0.2u/
and the tests pass. How do I get pkgsrc to remove md2 mdc2 from the selected options?

Tool dependency diffutils>=2.8.1: found diffutils-3.3
=> Tool dependency gmake>=3.81: found gmake-4.2.1nb1
=> Tool dependency nbpatch-[0-9]*: found nbpatch-20151107
=> Tool dependency perl>=5.0: found perl-5.20.2
=> Tool dependency pax>=20040802: found pax-20080110nb4
=> Build dependency {p5-Perl4-CoreLibs-[0-9]*,perl<5.16}: found p5-Perl4-CoreLibs-0.003nb3
===> Overriding tools for openssl-1.0.2u
===> Extracting for openssl-1.0.2u
===> Patching for openssl-1.0.2u
=> Applying pkgsrc patches for openssl-1.0.2u
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for openssl-1.0.2u
===> Configuring for openssl-1.0.2u
cd /u/build/pkgsrc2015/security/openssl/work/openssl-1.0.2u && /usr/pkg/bin/perl util/ /usr/pkg/bin/perl
Configuring for sco5-gcc
no-ec_nistp_64_gcc_128 [default] OPENSSL_NO_EC_NISTP_64_GCC_128 (skip dir)
    no-fips         [option]   OPENSSL_NO_FIPS (skip dir)
    no-gmp          [default]  OPENSSL_NO_GMP (skip dir)
    no-jpake        [experimental] OPENSSL_NO_JPAKE (skip dir)
    no-krb5         [krb5-flavor not specified] OPENSSL_NO_KRB5
    no-libunbound   [experimental] OPENSSL_NO_LIBUNBOUND (skip dir)
    no-rc5          [option]   OPENSSL_NO_RC5 (skip dir)
    no-rfc3779      [default]  OPENSSL_NO_RFC3779 (skip dir)
    no-sctp         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SCTP (skip dir)
    no-sse2         [option]
    no-ssl-trace    [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SSL_TRACE (skip dir)
    no-ssl2         [default]  OPENSSL_NO_SSL2 (skip dir)
    no-store        [experimental] OPENSSL_NO_STORE (skip dir)
    no-unit-test    [default]  OPENSSL_NO_UNIT_TEST (skip dir)
no-weak-ssl-ciphers [default] OPENSSL_NO_WEAK_SSL_CIPHERS (skip dir)
    no-zlib         [option]
    no-zlib-dynamic [default]
CC            =gcc
CPUID_OBJ     =x86cpuid.o
BN_ASM        =bn-586.o co-586.o x86-mont.o x86-gf2m.o
EC_ASM        =
DES_ENC       =des-586.o crypt586.o
AES_ENC       =aes-586.o
BF_ENC        =bf-586.o
CAST_ENC      =c_enc.o
RC4_ENC       =rc4-586.o
RC5_ENC       =rc5-586.o
MD5_OBJ_ASM   =md5-586.o
SHA1_OBJ_ASM  =sha1-586.o sha256-586.o sha512-586.o
CMLL_ENC      =cmll-x86.o
MODES_OBJ     =ghash-x86.o
RANLIB =/u/build/pkgsrc2015/security/openssl/work/.wrapper/bin/ranlib
ARFLAGS       =
PERL          =/usr/pkg/bin/perl
DES_PTR used
DES_RISC1 used
RC4_INDEX mode
RC4_CHUNK is undefined

Thanks for any assistance to get past this problem,

Boyd Gerber <> 801 849-0213
ZENEZ   1042 East Fort Union #135, Midvale Utah  84047

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